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Dec 2015CAREC: Building Prosperity through Trade in Azerbaijan
As of 2015, around $4.47 billion has been invested in transport and energy projects in Azerbaijan through the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program.
VideoTrade FacilitationAZECAREC
Apr 2015Azerbaijan's Fast Track to Development to Benefit Future Generations
Azerbaijan is taking steps to expand the base of its oil-dependent economy, laying the foundation for the future of the country's next generation.
Mar 2015Azerbaijan and the Caspian Corridor
Azerbaijani Energy Minister Natig Aliyev on the global importance of Caspian energy resources, speaking at the 3rd Caspian Corridor Conference held at the EBRD office in London.
Feb 2015Azerbaijan and ADB: Celebrating 15 years of partnership
These images highlight some of the major accomplishments of the 15-year effort to help Azerbaijan achieve its development targets and ensure inclusive growth.
Feb 2015The Missing Link of Railroads
With support from the World Bank, Azerbaijan is investing in its railroads, which many see as a crucial link between the oil fields and markets to the west.
VideoTransportAZEWorld Bank
Oct 2014Powering education in Azerbaijan
A teacher illustrates how a robust energy infrastructure is now providing Azerbaijan with the electricity needed to run its schools.
Oct 2014ADB-Azerbaijan: Foundation of a bright future
The 15-year partnership between ADB and Azerbaijan has brought the Central Asian country substantial benefits, contributing to its remarkable development in recent years.
VideoTransport, EnergyAZEADB
Oct 2014Better roads spur trade in Azerbaijan
A truck driver relates how upgraded roads in Azerbaijan are helping producers deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to the country's markets faster.
Jun 2013Building Prosperity through Trade in Azerbaijan
Since 2003, a total of $3.9 billion has been invested in transport, trade, and energy in Azerbaijan through the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program.
VideoRegional CooperationAZECAREC
Oct 2010Azerbaijan: Roads that Build Networks
From Azerbaijan you can travel by road to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. That's why the Government of Azerbaijan has been pouring money into its north-south and east-west arteries—and it's aiming to have a network of motorways by 2015.
VideoTransportAZEWorld Bank
Oct 2010Azerbaijan Highway Program
The World Bank has supported Azerbaijan's road sector modernization through its Highway Program, which is being undertaken in three phases.
VideoTransportAZEWorld Bank
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