Recent Multimedia

Dec 2017Roadworks Pave the Way for a Tourism Boom in Georgia’s Old Capital
Roads were re-tarmacked, sidewalks fixed, and a storm water drainage system built in the Georgian city of Mtskheta, north of the capital Tbilisi. The refurbished roads have made it easier for tourists to reach the city’s historical monuments, giving the local economy a much-needed boost.
Oct 2017World Bank in Central Asia - Goals and Challenges
The goal of World Bank program is to build a stronger and prosperous Central Asia, together with the people of Central Asia.
Jul 2017ADB Energy Assistance Works: Just Ask Pakistani Tailor Riaz
ADB’s work since 2010 has brought electricity to more than 3 million households in Asia and the Pacific.
Jun 2017ADB Transport Assistance Works: Just Ask This Afghan Shopkeeper
ADB loans and grants since 2010 mean 13 million tons of freight are moved daily on new or upgraded railways throughout Asia.
Jun 2017Kazakhstan and the World Bank - 25 Years of Partnership
Highlights from 25 years of partnership between Kazakhstan and the World Bank
Jun 2017Building an Export-Grade Power Distribution Grid in Georgia
New high-voltage facilities like the Marneuli 500 kV substation near Tbilisi are preparing the ground for Georgia's planned boost in hydropower generation and green energy exports to neighboring countries. Georgia's power development plan includes 60 energy transmission projects across the country over 10 years.
Jun 2017Europe and Central Asia Economic Update: Trade in Transition
A video outlining the findings from the latest economic update for the Europe and Central Asia region.
Apr 2017Trade in Transition: Interview with Hans Timmer
Apr 2017Better Access to Reliable Electricity Supply in Uzbekistan
Over 4 million people in four southwestern regions of Uzbekistan, along with thousands of enterprises, enjoy a more reliable power supply thanks to the Talimarjan Transmission Project.
Oct 2016Pakistan Highway Promotes Growth and Connectivity
A four-lane road linking Faisalabad to Multan is under construction. One complete, this part of the National Trade Corridor will help connect Pakistan's deep seaports with landlocked Afghanistan and Central Asia.