Ministerial Conference

CAREC Policy and Strategic Direction

The Ministerial Conference is the policy-level mechanism of CAREC. It provides the overall strategic guidance to fully realize regional economic cooperation among the participating countries. Its other tasks include

  • deciding on new regional initiatives that involve two or more countries;
  • taking necessary policy decisions related to implementation of projects and initiatives;
  • overseeing and guiding operational work; and
  • undertaking and guiding discussions with the international investment and donor community on regional initiatives.

Ministers of state agencies in charge of overall planning such as the ministries of economic development, finance, or from the office of the president, attend the Ministerial Conference.

Multilateral institution partners also participate in the meeting. Observers may be invited to particular meetings of the Ministerial Conference, subject to agreement by the participants.

Refer to the institutional framework document for more information on the Ministerial Conference.


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