CAREC is a practical, project-based program that has grown from 6 projects worth $247 million in 2001, to 176 projects worth around $29.4 billion in 2016.

Projects in Kazakhstan

As of 2016, CAREC has mobilized around $8.23 billion for 26 regional projects that involved Kazakhstan. These projects have improved transport, trade, and energy infrastructure. More importantly, these projects support better integration among CAREC countries and aim to harness each country's vast natural and human resources.

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Complete Projects List

Each project entry contains detailed information, including a description, country coverage, priority area or sector, expected outputs and outcomes, approval and expected completion dates, funding type and amount, and related links and documents.

You can view the complete list of funding agencies below.

42 Projects Available
Project TitleSectorsCorridorsFunding AgenciesFunding TypesApproval YearStatus
CAREC Corridors 1 and 6 Connector Road (Aktobe-Makat) Improvement Project Transport1, 6ADBTechnical Assistance2015Ongoing
Olzha Phase III Loan TransportNAEBRDLoan2015Ongoing
Astana Airport Rehabilitation TransportNADBK, EBRDLoan2015Ongoing
Olzha Loan Extension TransportNAEBRDLoan2014Ongoing
Energy Efficiency Project EnergyNAWBGrant2013Ongoing
CAREC Corridor 2 (Mangystau Oblast Section) Investment Program, Project 2 Transport2ADBLoan2012Ongoing
CAREC Corridor 3 (Shymkent-Tashkent Section) Road Improvement Project Transport3ADB, EBRDLoan2012Ongoing
East-West Roads Project (Almaty-Korgos Section): Western Europe-Western China International Transit Corridor (CAREC 1b) Transport1WBLoan2012Ongoing
Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction in South-East and East Kazakhstan MultisectorNAEU, UNDPTechnical Assistance2012Ongoing
CAREC Corridor 3 (Shymkent-Tashkent) Improvement Project Transport3ADBTechnical Assistance2012Completed
Promotion of Energy Efficient Lighting in Kazakhstan EnergyNAGEF, UNDPTechnical Assistance2012Ongoing
CAREC Corridor 1 (Taraz Bypass) Project Transport1ADBLoan2011Completed
City Almaty Sustainable Transport TransportNAEBRD, GEF, IFC, UNDPTechnical Assistance2011Ongoing
KEGOC Osakarovka Restructuring Loan EnergyNAEBRDLoan2011Ongoing
CAREC Transport Corridor 1 (Zhambyl Oblast Section) Investment Program - Tranche 4 Transport1ADBLoan2011Completed
Alma Electricity Transmission Project EnergyNAWBLoan2010Completed
MFF: CAREC Corridor 1 (Zhambyl Oblast Section), Tranche 3 Transport1ADB, JICALoan2010Completed
CAREC Corridor 2 (Mangystau Oblast Sections) Investment Program, Tranche 1 Transport2ADBLoan2010Completed
Energy-Efficient Design and Construction of Residential Buildings EnergyNAGEF, UNDPTechnical Assistance2010Completed
Aktau-Beineu Road Project TransportNAADBTechnical Assistance2009Completed
CAREC Transport Corridor 1 (Zhambyl Oblast Section) Investment Program, Tranche 2 Transport1ADB, IsDBLoan2009Completed
Kazakhstan Moinak Electricity Transmission Project EnergyNAWBLoan2009Completed
South-West Roads: Western Europe-Western China International Transit Corridor (CAREC 1b and 6b) Transport1, 6WBLoan2009Ongoing
Reconstruction of South Kazakhstan Region Border to Taraz City: Western Europe–Western China Road Corridor Transport1IsDBLoan2009Completed
Growing Inclusive Markets in Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Trade FacilitationNATIKA, UNDPTechnical Assistance2009Completed
CAREC Transport Corridor 1 (Zhambyl Oblast Section) Investment Program, Tranche 1 Transport1ADBLoan2008Completed
South-West Corridor Road Project TransportNAEBRDLoan2008Ongoing
South-West Corridor Road Project TransportNAEBRDTechnical Assistance2008Ongoing
KEGOC Modernisation II Loan EnergyNAEBRD, OFSLoan2008Ongoing
Preparing the CAREC Transport Corridor I (Zhambyl Oblast Section) Project TransportNAADBTechnical Assistance2008Completed
Customs Development Project Trade FacilitationNAWBLoan2007Completed
North-South Electricity Transmission Project EnergyNADBK, EBRD, WBLoan2005Completed
KEGOC: Ekibastuz-YukGres Power Transmission EnergyNAEBRDLoan2005Completed
Formulating and Implementing an Intergovernmental Agreement of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States on Facilitation of International Road Transport TransportNAADB, Shared, UNESCAPTechnical Assistance2004Completed
Wind Power Market Development Initiative EnergyNAShared, UNDPTechnical Assistance2004Completed
KEGOC: North-South Power Transmission EnergyNAEBRDLoan2003Completed
Road Sector Restructuring (Atyrau-Aktau) Transport1EBRDGrant, Loan2003Completed
Feasibility Study of Aktau-Atyrau Road Improvement TransportNAADBTechnical Assistance2003Completed
Feasibility Study of Borovoe-Petropavlovsk Road Rehabilitation Project in Kazakhstan TransportNAADBTechnical Assistance2002Completed
Capacity Building for Developing Member Countries on the WTO Trading System Trade FacilitationNAADBTechnical Assistance2002Completed
Atyrau Airport Project TransportNAEBRDLoan2001Completed
Improvement of the Road Sector Efficiency Project (Kazakhstan Component) TransportNAADBTechnical Assistance2000Completed
Funding Agencies
ADB = Asian Development Bank, DBK = Development Bank of Kazakhstan, EBRD = European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EU = European Union, GEF = Global Environment Facility, IFC = International Finance Corporation, IsDB = Islamic Development Bank, JICA = Japan International Cooperation Agency, OFS = Other Fund Sources, Shared = Shared, TIKA = Turkish International Cooperation and Coordination Agency, UNDP = United Nations Development Programme, UNESCAP = United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, WB = World Bank