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31 Oct 2017New ADB strategy to support inclusive, sustainable growth in AfghanistanTransport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyAFGADB
27 Oct 2017Georgian products going globalTrade FacilitationGEOEBRD
26 Sep 2017ADB $800 million financing to help improve connectivity, trade in PakistanTransport, Trade FacilitationPAKADB
5 Sep 2017Better trade facilitation could reduce trade costs in Asia by up to 9% annually — reportTrade FacilitationREGADB
31 Jul 2017A sneak peek at CAREC’s new strategyTransport, Trade FacilitationREGADB
3 Jul 2017EBRD supports Mongolian logistics company Terra ExpressTrade FacilitationMONEBRD
23 Jun 2017Kazakhstan, Central Asia and the transition to effective market economiesEnergy, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade PolicyKAZ, KGZ, MON, TAJ, TKM, UZBEBRD
16 Jun 2017ADB VP reaffirms support to Kazakhstan, regional cooperationTransport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyKAZ, REGADB
30 May 2017Six ways Asian economic cooperation is changing the regionTrade Facilitation, Trade PolicyREGADB
2 May 2017EBRD, EU, and TBC Bank to help Georgia companies grasp new trade opportunitiesTrade FacilitationGEOEBRD
24 Apr 2017New ADB Pakistan country director assumes officeTransport, Trade FacilitationPAKADB
21 Apr 2017 [VIDEO] Trade in Transition: Interview with Hans TimmerTrade FacilitationREGWorld Bank
7 Apr 2017EBRD donors support infrastructure improvements and economic integration Transport, Trade FacilitationGEO, KGZ, MONEBRD
29 Mar 2017ADB investment in Batumi bypass to improve logistics, transport in GeorgiaTransport, Trade FacilitationGEOADB
24 Mar 2017World Bank project aims to help Mongolia diversify exports Trade FacilitationMONWorld Bank
27 Oct 2016FEATURE: Facilitating trade in Eastern Europe and Central AsiaTrade FacilitationGEO, REGWorld Bank
26 Oct 2016ADB president calls for expanded CAREC agenda to meet new challengesRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGADB
15 Sep 2016Aktau northern port now an international portTrade FacilitationKAZThe Astana Times
11 Sep 2016Dar invites ministers for CAREC ministerial meetingTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyPAKThe Nation
8 Sep 2016ADB signs trade finance agreement with Georgia’s BasisBankTrade FacilitationGEOADB
29 Aug 2016Corridor to ProgressTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGThe News International
29 Aug 2016Progress continues on 6 CAREC corridors, says ADBTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREG, AFG, AZE, KAZ, KGZ, MON, PAK, PRC, TAJ, TKM, UZBPajhwok Afghan News
9 Aug 2016New ferry complex in Kazakhstan to start cargo transshipment by DecemberTransport, Trade FacilitationKAZTrend News Agency
12 Jul 2016Kazakhstan, People's Republic of China discuss implementation of 'One Belt, One Road' strategyTransport, Trade FacilitationKAZ, PRCAKIpress
25 Jun 2016Kazakhstan recommends to transport goods from Ukraine via AzerbaijanTransport, Trade FacilitationKAZ, AZETrend News Agency
21 Jun 2016Kazakhstan’s trade with CAREC countries reaches $22 billionTrade FacilitationKAZThe Times of Central Asia
3 Jun 2016Kazakhstan reduces time for customs clearanceTrade FacilitationKAZTrend News Agency
24 May 2016Free trade zone in Azerbaijan to attract its first residents from 2017Trade FacilitationAZETrend News Agency
14 May 2016Turkmenistan, WTO mull partnershipTrade FacilitationTKMAzernews
13 May 2016Revenues of transportation, logistics companies increase in KazakhstanTransport, Trade FacilitationKAZTrend News Agency
12 May 2016Tajikistan interested in further expansion of cooperation with KyrgyzstanTrade Facilitation, EnergyTAJ, KGZASIA-Plus
12 May 2016ADB $287 million investment program in 2016 targets economic management and infrastructure Transport, Trade FacilitationPAKADB
25 Apr 2016ADB border crossing loan to help boost People's Republic of China, Russian Federation tradeTrade FacilitationMON, PRCADB
15 Apr 2016New transportation, logistics center to be launched in KazakhstanTransport, Trade FacilitationKAZTrend News Agency
31 Mar 2016Mongolia creating logistics center to meet global standardsTrade FacilitationMONAKIpress
24 Mar 2016Pakistan setting up modern customs complex at TorkhamTrade FacilitationPAKDaily Times
23 Mar 2016Customs complex to boost trade with Afghnistan, Central Asian RrepublicTrade FacilitationAFG, PAKThe Nation
22 Mar 2016Pakistan, Afghanistan should work together to stop illegal tradeTrade FacilitationPAKPakistan Herald
16 Mar 2016Azerbaijan keen to have most advanced customs servicesTrade FacilitationAZEAzernews
10 Jan 2016Tajikistan and IDB plan increased cooperation in trade and infrastructure Trade Facilitation, TransportTAJISDB
10 Jan 2016ADB ready to support deeper economic reforms in TajikistanTransport, Trade FacilitationTAJADB
8 Dec 2015New ADB research shows design of special economic zones determines successTrade FacilitationREGADB
4 Dec 2015ADB loan to help improve land border point management for enhanced tradeTrade FacilitationPAKADB
22 Nov 2015Pakistan could turn into a transit trade hubTrade FacilitationPAK, TAJThe Express Tribune
13 Nov 2015ADB supports Mongolia’s drive to boost food safety, exportsTrade FacilitationMONADB
18 Sep 2015Central Asian cooperation stands at crossroads of new eraTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGADB
28 Jul 2015ADB likely to provide $262m for improving Wagah, Chaman, and Torkham crossing pointsTrade FacilitationPakistan Today
23 Jul 2015Afghanistan waives customs duty on Pakistani goodsTrade
20 Jul 2015Japan ready to invest in construction of sea port in TurkmenistanTrade FacilitationTKMTrend News Agency
12 Jun 2015ADB supports improvement of Tajikistan’s border servicesTrade FacilitationTAJAsia-Plus
23 Apr 2015EU firms to undertake joint ventures in Afghanistan, PakistanTrade FacilitationAFG, PAKDaily Times Pakistan
11 Feb 2015Pakistan finance minister highlights CAREC $23 billion action planTrade FacilitationPAKCustoms Today
6 Nov 2014Bishkek and Almaty sign memorandum on establishment of “economic corridor”Transport, Trade FacilitationKAZ,
29 Sep 2014CAREC chooses Azerbaijan, Mongolia as workshop organizers for economic operatorsTrade FacilitationAZE, MONTrend
21 Apr 2014Fresh investment spurs growth of east-west trade along Silk RoadTransport, Trade FacilitationREGInstitutional Investor
28 Dec 2013ADB starts project to support goods and people transit through CAREC bordersTrade
23 May 2013Kyrgyzstan, ADB sign agreement on Kyrgyz-Tajik border services improvementsTrade FacilitationKGZThe Times of Central Asia
30 Oct 2012CAREC program to be institute by 2014Transport, Trade FacilitationREGTrend
30 Oct 2012CAREC ministers agree on $23 billion action plan to boost Central Asian linksTransport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyREGADB
24 Oct 2012Kyrgyz Minister of Economy is taking part in the 11th CAREC Ministerial Conference in ChinaTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyKGZKABAR
24 Oct 2012Tajikistan improves connectivity and increases trade with CAREC supportTransport, Trade FacilitationTAJADB
11 Jul 2012CAREC countries offer to simplify transport and trade proceduresTransport, Trade FacilitationREGTrend
11 Jul 2012CAREC officials discuss cross-border transport arrangementsTransport, Trade FacilitationREGADB
11 Jul 2012CAREC officials discuss cross-border transport arrangementsTransport, Trade FacilitationREGAsia-Plus
21 Jun 2012Central Asia Officials Meet to Map Implementation of CAREC 2020Regional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGADB
21 Jun 2012Central Asia Officials Meet to Map Implementation of CAREC 2020Regional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGAsia-Plus
21 Jun 2012Implementation of CAREC 2020 Reviewed in ChinaRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGCentral Asia News Service
19 Jun 2012CAREC Region Introduces Own Indices of Trade Liberalization and Institutional QualityRegional Cooperation, Trade FacilitationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
10 Jun 2012CAREC Senior Officials (SOM) MeetingRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGMinistry of Finance, Afghanistan
23 May 2012CAREC Creates Its Own Net of Carriers and ForwardersTrade FacilitationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
23 May 2012CAREC States Create Customs IntelligenceTrade FacilitationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
25 Nov 2011Development Partners Commit to Support CAREC 2020Regional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGAsia-Plus
23 Nov 2011Trade between CAREC program countries can grow 13 times to 2017Regional Cooperation, Trade FacilitationREGTrend
23 Nov 2011$50 billion CAREC 2020 Strategy approved in BakuRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyREGTrend
23 Nov 2011Countries of Greater Central Asia Simplify Border ControlTrade FacilitationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
23 Nov 2011Regional Cooperation on Track as CAREC Endorses 10-year StrategyRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGADB
21 Nov 2011Modern "Silk Road" Brings Prosperity across Central Asia: CAREC at 10-Connectivity and Trade for ProsperityRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyREGADB
18 Nov 2011CAREC Ministers Celebrate a Decade of CooperationRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGAsia-Plus
18 Nov 2011CAREC Ministers Celebrate a Decade of CooperationRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyREGADB
19 Sep 2011ADB: Azerbaijan leads among CAREC countries for customs modernizationTrade FacilitationAZETrend
30 Aug 2011Afghanistan joins Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic Cross-Border Transport AccordTransport, Trade FacilitationAFG, KGZ, TAJTrend
29 Jun 2011Law on ratification of agreement on transboundary movement between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan signedTrade FacilitationKGZ, TAJKABAR
8 Jun 2011CAREC 2020: Boosting Trade, Transport, and Energy in Central AsiaRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyREGADB
7 Jun 2011Program coordinator in Azerbaijan: Global crisis not weaken realization of CARECTransport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyAZETrend
21 Apr 2011EBRD Extends Trade Finance Facility to VTB KazakhstanTrade FacilitationKAZEBRD
11 Apr 2011UAIS to be Fully Introduced in Tajikistan by October this YearTrade FacilitationTAJAsia-Plus
18 Feb 2011CAREC Supports Networking and Builds Capacity of Carrier and Forwarder AssociationsTrade FacilitationREGAsia-Plus
25 Jan 2011Azerbaijan to attend meeting of CAREC Transport and Trade Facilitation CommitteeTransport, Trade FacilitationREGNews.Az
14 Jan 2011ADB Lays Groundwork for Easier Border Crossing in Central AsiaTrade FacilitationREGADB
2 Dec 2010Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan sign trans-border trade agreementTransport, Trade FacilitationKGZ, TAJCentral Asia Newswire
2 Dec 2010Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan agreed on transboundary movementTransport, Trade FacilitationKGZ, TAJTrend
2 Dec 2010Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan Sign Cross-Border Transport Agreement Under CARECTransport, Trade FacilitationKGZ, TAJADB
29 Oct 2010Tajik Delegation to Attend CAREC Ministerial Conference in CebuRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGAsia-Plus
4 Oct 2010EBRD Silk Road trade finance forum held in KievTrade FacilitationREGEBRD
13 Jul 2010One window principle in customs sphere justified in AzerbaijanTrade FacilitationAZENews.Az
12 Jul 2010Committee head: 'Single window' introduced in Azerbaijani customs justifies itselfTrade FacilitationREGTrend
4 May 2010World Customs Organization, ADB Boost Partnership for Trade FacilitationTrade FacilitationREGADB
2 May 2010ADB Signs First Trade Finance Agreements in UzbekistanTrade FacilitationUZBADB
28 Apr 2010ADB Expands Trade Finance Program in AzerbaijanTrade FacilitationAZEADB
24 Mar 2010Mongolian Banks Sign Up to ADB's Trade Finance Facilitation ProgramTrade FacilitationMONADB
24 Feb 2010Central Asia Cooperation organization outlines transport, trade program for 2010Transport, Trade FacilitationAZENews.Az
24 Feb 2010CAREC Ready to Undertake All Efforts to Support Tajikistan’s Initiatives, Says ADB OfficialTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyTAJAsia-Plus
16 Oct 2009Central Asian Governments Endorse Plans to Boost Integration, TradeRegional Cooperation, Trade FacilitationREGADB
14 Oct 2009ADB President Calls for More Investment, Cooperation, to Improve CAREC Trade Logistics SystemRegional Cooperation, Trade FacilitationREGADB
11 Jun 2008CAREC countries discuss strategy on assistance to regional trade and transportTransport, Trade FacilitationREGTrend
23 Sep 2006ADB, IMF hold workshop under CAREC in BakuTrade FacilitationREGTrend
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