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28 Nov 2012Uzbekistan to invest $100 million in national highway system by 2015TransportUZBCentral Asia Newswire
22 Nov 2012Prime Minister attended the opening ceremony for the roads "Osh-Sary-Tash-Irkeshtam" and "Sary-Tash-Karamyk" (in Russian)TransportKGZKABAR
15 Nov 2012ADB prepare partnership strategy between Kyrgyzstan and ADB for 2013-2017EconomyKGZKABAR
7 Nov 2012Inclusive growth - basis for Central Asian countries' economic developmentRegional Cooperation, TransportREGKazinform
1 Nov 2012PRC, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan are candidates to host CAREC Institute (in Russian)CAREC InstituteAZE, KAZ,
1 Nov 2012ADB: CAREC to implement infrastructure projects in Central AsiaTransportREGBernama
31 Oct 2012CAREC aims for further development in the next 10 years (in Russian)Regional CooperationREGPeople's Daily Online
31 Oct 2012CAREC countries agreed on 68 priority transport projects (in Russian)TransportREGKazakhstan Today
31 Oct 2012CAREC Ministers agree on $23 bln action plan to boost Central Asia linksTransportREGKazakhstan Today
31 Oct 2012CAREC agrees on $23bn action planTransportREGDaily Times
31 Oct 201211th CAREC Ministerial Conference opens in WuhanRegional CooperationREGKazinform
31 Oct 2012CAREC ministers forge $23 billion action planTransportREGCentral Asia Newswire
30 Oct 2012Ministers of CAREC member countries agreed on $23 bn project implementation plan (in Russian)
30 Oct 2012PRC: Kazakhstan will hold the next CAREC Ministerial Meeting in autumn 2013 (in Russian)Regional
30 Oct 201211th Ministerial Conference of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC), Wuhan, China (in Russian)Regional
30 Oct 2012CAREC program to be institute by 2014Transport, Trade FacilitationREGTrend
30 Oct 2012CAREC ministers agree on $23 billion action plan to boost Central Asian linksTransport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyREGADB
29 Oct 2012Kazakhstan delegation is participating in XI CAREC Ministerial Conference, opens in PRC (in Russian)Regional CooperationKAZKazakh Telegraph Agency
25 Oct 2012Regional energy, connectivity issues to be discussed during CAREC conferenceTransport, EnergyREGADB
24 Oct 2012Kyrgyzstan will take part in the 11th Ministerial Conference in ChinaRegional CooperationKGZKABAR
24 Oct 2012Kyrgyz Minister of Economy is taking part in the 11th CAREC Ministerial Conference in ChinaTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyKGZKABAR
24 Oct 2012Regional program boosts Central Asian development: expertRegional CooperationREGKazinform
24 Oct 2012CAREC ministers to gather in PRC to chart way forward for the regionRegional Cooperation, TransportREGADB
24 Oct 2012Afghanistan connects through CAREC road and railway corridorsTransportAFGADB
24 Oct 2012CAREC Ministerial Conference opens in People's Republic of ChinaTransportAZEADB
24 Oct 2012Kazakhstan develops Silk Road network through CARECTransportKAZADB
24 Oct 2012Kyrgyz Republic to participate in 11th Ministerial ConferenceTransportKGZADB
24 Oct 2012Tajikistan improves connectivity and increases trade with CAREC supportTransport, Trade FacilitationTAJADB
24 Oct 2012CAREC countries to discuss cooperation development ways in region till 2020Regional CooperationREGTrend
16 Oct 2012ADB approves technical assistance to development of transport corridors within CARECTransportREGTrend
12 Oct 2012A loan agreement on the East-West Roads Project signed between Kazakhstan, World BankTransportKAZKazinform
12 Oct 2012Kazakhstan and World Bank sign loan agreementTransportKAZKazinform
19 Sep 2012ADB to invest $1.6 billion in Kazakh economyEconomyKAZCentral Asia Newswire
13 Sep 2012Tajikistan garners $100 million from ADB to rebuild road to UzbekistanTransportTAJ, UZBCentral Asia Newswire
12 Sep 2012ADB to upgrade CAREC road in northern TajikistanTransportTAJADB
30 Jul 2012EBRD invests $35 million in Tajik Trans-Asia highwayTransportTAJCentral Asia Newswire
27 Jul 2012EBRD invests 35 million dollars into trans-Asian highwayTransportTAJTrend
27 Jul 2012Key link in the road from Tajikistan to the worldTransportTAJEBRD
11 Jul 2012CAREC countries offer to simplify transport and trade proceduresTransport, Trade FacilitationREGTrend
11 Jul 2012CAREC officials discuss cross-border transport arrangementsTransport, Trade FacilitationREGADB
11 Jul 2012CAREC officials discuss cross-border transport arrangementsTransport, Trade FacilitationREGAsia-Plus
21 Jun 2012Central Asia Officials Meet to Map Implementation of CAREC 2020Regional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGADB
21 Jun 2012Central Asia Officials Meet to Map Implementation of CAREC 2020Regional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGAsia-Plus
21 Jun 2012Implementation of CAREC 2020 Reviewed in ChinaRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGCentral Asia News Service
19 Jun 2012CAREC Region Introduces Own Indices of Trade Liberalization and Institutional QualityRegional Cooperation, Trade FacilitationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
11 Jun 2012On 28 September ADB to Approve a Phenomenal $800 Million Loan for AzerbaijanTransportAZEAzerbaijan Business Center
10 Jun 2012CAREC Senior Officials (SOM) MeetingRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGMinistry of Finance, Afghanistan
24 May 2012Uzbekistan to begin reconstruction of road worth $211 mlnTransportUZBTrend
23 May 2012CAREC Creates Its Own Net of Carriers and ForwardersTrade FacilitationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
23 May 2012CAREC States Create Customs IntelligenceTrade FacilitationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
17 May 2012US Supports Cross-Border Transport Agreement between Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and AfghanistanRegional Cooperation, TransportAFG, KGZ, TAJAsia-Plus
7 May 2012Azerbaijan to assign $6bn to CAREC transport corridor developmentTransportAZENews.Az
7 May 2012Azerbaijan to direct about $6 bln to development of CAREC Transport CorridorTransportAZETrend
7 May 2012ADB Agrees to Hold a General Meeting in Baku in 2015Regional CooperationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
30 Apr 2012Central Asia and Afghanistan after 2014Regional Cooperation, EconomyREG, AFGCentral Asia Newswire
26 Apr 2012ADB lauds success of Uzbek programs in annual reportTransport, EconomyUZBCentral Asia Newswire
11 Apr 2012ADB plans to approve second multitrance package to develop road network in AzerbaijanTransportAZETrend
4 Apr 2012NDN [Northern Distribution Network] can help Central Asia flourish post-2014Regional Cooperation, TransportREGCentral Asia Newswire
20 Mar 2012Tajikistan to Participate in ADB Conference on Regional CooperationRegional CooperationTAJAsia-Plus
1 Mar 2012Local SEZs [special economic zones] face substantial challengesTransportREGCentral Asia Newswire
29 Feb 2012CAREC Joins to Boosting Members in WTOTrade PolicyREGAzerbaijan Business Center
30 Jan 2012Work on Upgrading Dushanbe-Uzbek Border Highway to Begin when Weather PermitsTransportTAJAsia-Plus
20 Jan 2012IDB will complete the construction of Taraz-Talas-Suusamyr highway, earlier than it was plannedTransportKGZKABAR
18 Jan 2012ADB notes faster-than-expected Kyrgyz recoveryEconomyKGZCentral Asia Newswire
16 Jan 2012Kazakhstan ratifies agreement with ADB on financing reconstruction of CAREC 2 RoadTransportKAZTrend
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