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17 Nov 2017ADB approves first full country partnership strategy for TurkmenistanTransport, Energy, Regional CooperationTKMADB
23 Jun 2017Kazakhstan, Central Asia and the transition to effective market economiesEnergy, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade PolicyKAZ, KGZ, MON, TAJ, TKM, UZBEBRD
10 Apr 2017CAREC aviation officials discuss regional air cooperationTransportAFG, AZE, GEO, KAZ, KGZ, MON, PAK, PRC, TAJ, TKM, UZBADB
22 Sep 2016IDB to finance Turkmenistan section of TAPI gas pipelineEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
22 Sep 2016Turkmenistan, ADB mull partnership prospectsEnergy, Regional CooperationTKMTrend News Agency
21 Sep 2016ADB president expresses support for Turkmenistan economic diversificationEnergy, EconomyTKMADB
18 Sep 2016Japan’s Sumitomo constructing power plant in TurkmenistanEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
10 Sep 2016Turkmenistan increasing electricity supply to AfghanistanEnergyAFG, TKMTrend News Agency
29 Aug 2016Progress continues on 6 CAREC corridors, says ADBTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREG, AFG, AZE, KAZ, KGZ, MON, PAK, PRC, TAJ, TKM, UZBPajhwok Afghan News
28 Aug 2016Islamic Development Bank to finance TAPI pipelineEnergyTKM, PAK, AFGTrend News Agency
17 Aug 2016Turkmenistan building railway to AfghanistanTransportTKM, AFGTrend News Agency
30 Jul 2016Turkmenistan speeds up TAPI pipeline’s constructionEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
12 Jul 2016Turkmenistan eyes possibility of power export to Pakistan, TajikistanEnergyTAJ, TKM, PAKAzernews
9 Jul 2016Turkmenistan proposes Japan to participate in TAPI’s constructionEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
30 Jun 2016Kazakhstan joins Central Asia-Middle East transport corridorTransportKAZ, TKMTrend News Agency
24 Jun 2016People's Republic of China (PRC) president talks prospects of Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan-PRC railwayTransportKAZ, PRC, TKMTrend News Agency
15 Jun 2016Turkmenistan, People's Republic of China to expand oil and gas cooperationEnergyTKM, PRCTrend News Agency
11 Jun 2016Turkmenistan, Afghanistan to mull prospects for trade, economic cooperationTransport, EnergyAFG, TKMTrend News Agency
7 Jun 2016Turkmenistan to supply Afghanistan with electricity until 2027EnergyAFG, TKMTrend News Agency
4 Jun 2016Turkmenistan allocates first tranche for TAPI constructionEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
24 May 2016EBRD studying possibility of participation in TAPI projectEnergyAFG, TKM, PAKTrend News Agency
23 May 2016Baku, Ashgabat discussing options of Turkmen gas supply via Southern Gas CorridorEnergyAZE, TKMTrend News Agency
18 May 2016Islamic Development Bank to take part in financing of TAPI``EnergyAFG, TKM, PAKTrend News Agency
16 May 2016Turkmenistan aspires to join WTOTrade PolicyTKMTrend News Agency
14 May 2016Turkmenistan, WTO mull partnershipTrade FacilitationTKMAzernews
9 May 2016New promising gas field discovered in TurkmenistanEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
7 May 2016TAPI construction being carried out according to scheduleEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMTrend News Agency
4 May 2016Turkmenistan, Islamic Development Bank to intensify cooperationRegional CooperationTKMTrend News Agency
23 Apr 2016Gas supply via Turkmenistan-People's Republic of China pipeline increasesEnergyTKM, PRCTrend News Agency
10 Apr 2016Turkmenistan considering building power transmission lines to Pakistan, TajikistanEnergyTKM, PAK, TAJTrend News Agency
7 Apr 2016TAPI pipeline to help Turkmenistan diversify gas exports, support growthEnergyTKMADB
7 Apr 2016Investment agreement signed for TAPI pipelineEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMADB
28 Mar 2016Turkmenistan aims to diversify fuel and energy industryEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
28 Mar 2016Turkmenistan starts welding TAPI pipeline’s linear partEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
17 Mar 2016Turkmenistan, Pakistan reach electricity supply agreementEnergyPAK, TKMTrend News Agency
10 Mar 2016Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan considering opening new transport routeTransportAZE, TKMTrend News Agency
9 Mar 2016Turkmenistan preparing to lay linear part of its TAPI pipeline sectionEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
25 Feb 2016Turkmenistan, Afghanistan boosting energy and transportation projectsEnergy, TransportAFG, TKMTrend News Agency
15 Dec 2015TAPI shareholders agreement signed at ground breaking ceremonyEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMADB
14 Dec 2015TAPI: 'Peace pipeline' for South AsiaEnergyTKMNikkei Asian Review
13 Dec 2015Turkmenistan launches $10 billion gas pipeline to South AsiaEnergyTKMAljazeera
30 Oct 2015Construction of TAPI pipeline can start in DecemberEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMTrend News Agency
12 Oct 2015Trans-Caspian gas pipeline a promising project, says Turkmenistan presidentEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
15 Sep 2015ADB hails completion of TAPI project feasibility studyEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMAzernews
21 Aug 2015Work on TAPI pipeline to begin in DecemberEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMThe Express Tribune
18 Aug 2015ADB interested in TAPI projectEnergyTKM, AFG, PAKAzernews
7 Aug 2015TAPI steering committee endorses Turkmengaz as consortium leader for gas pipeline projectEnergyAFG, TKM, PAKADB
3 Aug 2015Turkmenistan prepares large gas breakthrough in EuropeEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
23 Jul 2015Turkmenistan implementing gas projects worth $20BEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
20 Jul 2015Turkmenistan, India to hold talks on TAPI projectEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
20 Jul 2015Japan ready to invest in construction of sea port in TurkmenistanTrade FacilitationTKMTrend News Agency
1 Jul 2015Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan railway is under constructionTransportAFG, TAJ, TKMTrend News Agency
21 Nov 2014New TAPI pipeline company holds first board meeting, appoints chairmanEnergyTKM, AFG, PAKADB
13 Nov 2014Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India establish landmark TAPI pipeline companyEnergyAFG, TKM, PAKADB
15 Jul 2014Is Turkmenistan the next Central Asian Tiger?Transport, EnergyTKMThe Diplomat
30 Apr 2014North-South railway project aiming for completion late this
2 Apr 2014Accelerated growth projected in Turkmenistan:
11 Jun 2013Tasks on energy cooperation in Central Asia for 2013 setEnergyTKMABC.AZ
10 Jun 2013CAREC member states launched energy action plan for 2013-2015 (in Russian)
7 Jun 2013Central Asia energy projects to be discussed in Turkmenistan's capitalEnergyTKMTrend
15 Mar 2011Turkmenistan Gets First ADB Loan for Regional Rail LinkTransportTKMADB
4 Nov 2010CAREC takes Pakistan and Turkmenistan into its loopRegional CooperationPAK, TKMKABAR
12 May 2008Electricity transit from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan via Azerbaijan seems possible: Azerbaijani ministerEnergyAZE, KAZ, TKMTrend
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