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26 Oct 2017ADB president visits Tajikistan to strengthen partnershipTransport, Regional CooperationTAJADB
23 Jun 2017Kazakhstan, Central Asia and the transition to effective market economiesEnergy, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade PolicyKAZ, KGZ, MON, TAJ, TKM, UZBEBRD
3 May 2017World Bank supports energy security in TajikistanEnergyTAJWorld Bank
10 Apr 2017CAREC aviation officials discuss regional air cooperationTransportAFG, AZE, GEO, KAZ, KGZ, MON, PAK, PRC, TAJ, TKM, UZBADB
24 Nov 2016Pakistan, Tajikistan discuss rail linkTransportTAJ, PAKDawn
16 Nov 2016IsDB approves more than $592 million to finance new development projectsTransportAFG, TAJISDB
2 Nov 2016ADB-financed road upgrade to improve Dushanbe-Kurgonteppa connectivityTransportTAJADB
29 Aug 2016Progress continues on 6 CAREC corridors, says ADBTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREG, AFG, AZE, KAZ, KGZ, MON, PAK, PRC, TAJ, TKM, UZBPajhwok Afghan News
12 Jul 2016Turkmenistan eyes possibility of power export to Pakistan, TajikistanEnergyTAJ, TKM, PAKAzernews
24 Jun 2016Road project in Tajikistan - first joint EBRD-AIIB investmentTransportTAJTrend News Agency
19 May 2016World Bank WB proposes to conduct thorough feasibility study for Nurek HPP rehabilitation projectEnergyTAJASIA-Plus
13 May 2016Tajikistan ratifies agreement with EBRD on financing public transport in KhujandTransportTAJASIA-Plus
13 May 2016Tajikistan president, World Bank vice president for South Asia discuss cooperationRegional CooperationTAJASIA-Plus
12 May 2016Tajikistan interested in further expansion of cooperation with KyrgyzstanTrade Facilitation, EnergyTAJ, KGZASIA-Plus
27 Apr 2016Tajikistan president inaugurates ADB-supported energy facilityEnergyTAJADB
10 Apr 2016Turkmenistan considering building power transmission lines to Pakistan, TajikistanEnergyTKM, PAK, TAJTrend News Agency
17 Mar 2016Pakistan looks forward to opening ceremony of CASA-1000 project in MayEnergyPAK, TAJASIA-Plus
10 Jan 2016Tajikistan and IDB plan increased cooperation in trade and infrastructure Trade Facilitation, TransportTAJISDB
10 Jan 2016ADB ready to support deeper economic reforms in TajikistanTransport, Trade FacilitationTAJADB
26 Nov 2015From Central to South Asia: Energy ministers strike transmission line accordEnergyAFG, KGZ, PAK, TAJThe Express Tribune
22 Nov 2015Pakistan could turn into a transit trade hubTrade FacilitationPAK, TAJThe Express Tribune
10 Oct 2015Islamic Development Bank to allocate $70 million to Tajikistan for CASA 1000 projectEnergyTAJAKIpress
1 Oct 2015Tajikistan, ADB discuss cooperation on enhancement of transportation sectorTransportTAJASIA-Plus
5 Aug 2015EBRD approves new strategy for TajikistanTransport, EnergyTAJEBRD
3 Aug 2015EBRD invests in energy reform and transmission system upgrade in TajikistanEnergyTAJEBRD
1 Jul 2015Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan railway is under constructionTransportAFG, TAJ, TKMTrend News Agency
22 Jun 2015Upgraded Tajikistan road improves access to marketsTransportTAJADB
12 Jun 2015ADB supports improvement of Tajikistan’s border servicesTrade FacilitationTAJAsia-Plus
2 Jun 2015ADB operations in Tajikistan remain strongEnergy, TransportTAJADB
15 May 2015Tajikistan and EBRD agree to work on energy reformEnergyTAJEBRD
6 May 2015Pakistan-Azerbaijan-Tajikistan agree to fast track CARECRegional CooperationAZE, PAK, TAJPakistan Observer
25 Feb 2015World Bank invests in Tajikistan’s regional transport connectivityTransportTAJWorld Bank
15 Jan 2015ADB increases country allocation to Tajikistan by $20 million in 2015TransportTAJADB
23 Dec 2014$5 million from EBRD for road works in TajikistanTransportTAJEBRD
3 Dec 2014ADB continues support to improve electricity supply in TajikistanEnergyTAJADB
17 Nov 2014EBRD president Chakrabati visits TajikistanRegional CooperationTAJEBRD
27 Oct 2014Tajikistan: Moderated growth, heightened risksEconomyTAJWorld Bank
16 Oct 2014EBRD co-hosts first ever Tajikistan foreign investment conferenceRegional CooperationTAJEBRD
2 Sep 2014EBRD invests in hydropower in TajikistanEnergyTAJEBRD
29 Aug 2014ADB operations in Tajikistan ‘successful’ but more attention needed for inclusion and sustainabilityTransport, Trade Policy, EnergyTAJADB
10 Jun 2014World Bank Group launches new partnership strategy for TajikistanEconomyTAJWorld Bank
27 May 2014ADB project helps Tajikistan maintain vital link to UzbekistanTransportTAJ, UZBADB
22 Apr 2014New World Bank project to increase regional transport connectivity in Central AsiaTransportKGZ, TAJWorld Bank
1 Apr 2014Growth in Tajikistan expected to slow in 2014,
12 Feb 2014Tajikistan to improve investment climate via ADB, Japan supportTrade
27 Jan 2014EBRD appoints new head of Dushanbe officeRegional CooperationTAJEBRD
7 Aug 2013Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan ask World Bank to finance Osh-Khujand road corridorTransportKGZ, TAJThe Times of Central Asia
24 Oct 2012Tajikistan improves connectivity and increases trade with CAREC supportTransport, Trade FacilitationTAJADB
13 Sep 2012Tajikistan garners $100 million from ADB to rebuild road to UzbekistanTransportTAJ, UZBCentral Asia Newswire
12 Sep 2012ADB to upgrade CAREC road in northern TajikistanTransportTAJADB
30 Jul 2012EBRD invests $35 million in Tajik Trans-Asia highwayTransportTAJCentral Asia Newswire
27 Jul 2012EBRD invests 35 million dollars into trans-Asian highwayTransportTAJTrend
27 Jul 2012Key link in the road from Tajikistan to the worldTransportTAJEBRD
17 May 2012US Supports Cross-Border Transport Agreement between Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and AfghanistanRegional Cooperation, TransportAFG, KGZ, TAJAsia-Plus
20 Mar 2012Tajikistan to Participate in ADB Conference on Regional CooperationRegional CooperationTAJAsia-Plus
30 Jan 2012Work on Upgrading Dushanbe-Uzbek Border Highway to Begin when Weather PermitsTransportTAJAsia-Plus
8 Nov 2011Rehabilitation of Dushanbe-Tursunzoda Highway StartsTransportTAJAsia-Plus
25 Oct 2011Journalists Visit CAREC Highway Project in TajikistanTransportTAJAsia-Plus
15 Sep 2011Tajikistan will Successfully Cope with Effects of Global Financial Crisis, Says ADB OfficialEconomyTAJAsia-Plus
30 Aug 2011Afghanistan joins Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic Cross-Border Transport AccordTransport, Trade FacilitationAFG, KGZ, TAJTrend
29 Aug 2011Afghanistan Joins Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic Cross-Border Transport AccordTransport, Regional CooperationAFG, KGZ, TAJADB
20 Jul 2011Rehabilitation of Road Linking Dushanbe with Uzbek Border via Tursunzoda to Start SoonTransportTAJAsia-Plus
29 Jun 2011Law on ratification of agreement on transboundary movement between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan signedTrade FacilitationKGZ, TAJKABAR
10 Jun 2011EBRD Finances Energy Distribution System in TajikistanEnergyTAJEBRD
11 Apr 2011UAIS to be Fully Introduced in Tajikistan by October this YearTrade FacilitationTAJAsia-Plus
17 Mar 2011Tajikistan Ratifies Cross-Border Transport Agreement with KyrgyzstanRegional Cooperation, TransportKGZ, TAJAsia-Plus
28 Jan 2011Tender for Rehabilitation of Dushanbe-Uzbek Border Road to be Announced in FebruaryTransportTAJAsia-Plus
21 Jan 2011ADB to Upgrade CAREC Road Linking Tajik Capital to Uzbek BorderTransportTAJAsia-Plus
20 Jan 2011ADB to upgrade pivotal Dushanbe-to-Uzbekistan highwayTransportTAJ, UZBCentral Asia Newswire
20 Jan 2011ADB to Upgrade CAREC Road Linking Tajik Capital to Uzbek BorderTransportTAJADB
17 Jan 2011Int'l organizations help Dushanbe boost energy efficiencyEnergyTAJCentral Asia Newswire
2 Dec 2010Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan sign trans-border trade agreementTransport, Trade FacilitationKGZ, TAJCentral Asia Newswire
2 Dec 2010Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan agreed on transboundary movementTransport, Trade FacilitationKGZ, TAJTrend
2 Dec 2010Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan Sign Cross-Border Transport Agreement Under CARECTransport, Trade FacilitationKGZ, TAJADB
29 Oct 2010Dushanbe-Kyrgyz Border Highway to Help Tajikistan Become a Major Crossroad for International TradeTransportTAJAsia-Plus
26 Oct 2010Tajikistan Highway Project Enters Final PhaseTransportTAJAsia-Plus
15 Oct 2010Feasibility Study for Dushanbe-Tursunzoda Road Rehabilitation Project to be Finished by NovemberTransportTAJAsia-Plus
16 Aug 2010ADB $122 Million Grant to Bolster Tajikistan's Energy Security, TradeEnergyTAJADB
25 Feb 2010ADB Official Satisfied with Measures Taken by Tajikistan to Mitigate Effects of Global CrisisEconomyTAJAsia-Plus
24 Feb 2010CAREC Ready to Undertake All Efforts to Support Tajikistan’s Initiatives, Says ADB OfficialTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyTAJAsia-Plus
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