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27 Oct 2017[FEATURE] Working together in Central and West AsiaTransport, EnergyREGADB
27 Oct 2017ADB president commits more than $5 billion to support new strategy for CARECRegional CooperationREGADB
11 Sep 2017What [People's Republic of] China’s 'Belt and Road Initiative' means for the Western BalkansTransportREGEBRD
7 Sep 2017ADB president expresses confidence in future of CAREC InstituteCAREC InstituteREGADB
5 Sep 2017Better trade facilitation could reduce trade costs in Asia by up to 9% annually — reportTrade FacilitationREGADB
31 Aug 2017CAREC countries advance regional road safety strategyTransportREGADB
31 Jul 2017A sneak peek at CAREC’s new strategyTransport, Trade FacilitationREGADB
18 Jul 2017Forum highlights new technology and financing for future energyEnergyREGADB
18 Jul 2017CAREC countries to discuss new technology and financing for future energyEnergyREGAKIpress
16 Jun 2017ADB VP reaffirms support to Kazakhstan, regional cooperationTransport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyKAZ, REGADB
30 May 2017Six ways Asian economic cooperation is changing the regionTrade Facilitation, Trade PolicyREGADB
11 May 2017Growth accelerates in Europe and Central Asia as World Bank calls for more trade benefiting more peopleTrade PolicyREGWorld Bank
21 Apr 2017 [VIDEO] Trade in Transition: Interview with Hans TimmerTrade FacilitationREGWorld Bank
27 Oct 2016FEATURE: Facilitating trade in Eastern Europe and Central AsiaTrade FacilitationGEO, REGWorld Bank
26 Oct 2016ADB president calls for expanded CAREC agenda to meet new challengesRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGADB
25 Oct 2016Regional cooperation key to economic well-beingRegional CooperationREGThe Express Tribune
24 Oct 2016Central Asian countries identify $94 billion energy investment needs to 2023EnergyREGADB
22 Sep 2016BLOG: Off-grid solar can be game-changer for electricity access in Central AsiaEnergyREG, AFG, PAKADB
22 Sep 2016ADB backs People's Republic of China's 'Belt and Road' initiative in Central AsiaTransportPRC, PAK, REGXinhua
21 Sep 2016Ishaq Dar, ADB head discuss agenda of upcoming CAREC conferenceRegional CooperationPAK, REGBusiness Recorder
29 Aug 2016Corridor to ProgressTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGThe News International
29 Aug 2016Progress continues on 6 CAREC corridors, says ADBTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREG, AFG, AZE, KAZ, KGZ, MON, PAK, PRC, TAJ, TKM, UZBPajhwok Afghan News
31 May 2016CASA-1000: Powering up Central and South AsiaEnergyREGWorld Bank
18 Apr 2016EBRD at 25: TransportTransportREGEBRD
17 Feb 2016FEATURE: Shining a light on Central AsiaRegional CooperationREGEBRD
29 Jan 2016Regional economic integration is key to development success in Central Asia and the CaucasusRegional CooperationREGTrend News Agency
18 Jan 2016BLOG: A snapshot of e-commerce in Central AsiaTransportREGADB
8 Dec 2015New ADB research shows design of special economic zones determines successTrade FacilitationREGADB
25 Sep 2015ADB urges CAREC to strengthen regional co-opRegional CooperationREGTrend News Agency
25 Sep 2015ADB president calls for CAREC to boost regional cooperation effortsRegional CooperationREGADB
18 Sep 2015Central Asian cooperation stands at crossroads of new eraTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGADB
10 Sep 2015Energy efficiency finance focus of EBRD conference in IstanbulEnergyREGEBRD
3 Aug 2015ADB to fund CAREC investment forumRegional CooperationREGABC.AZ
29 Jul 2015IDB approves around $77 million to fund new development projects Regional CooperationREGIDB
10 Jul 2015Tajikistan and Afghanistan presidents agree to develop cooperation between countriesTransport, Energy, Regional CooperationAFG, REGAKIpress
2 Jun 2015Regional integration speeds up in Central Asia as outsiders departRegional CooperationREGGlobal Times
9 Oct 2014EBRD president calls for fresh approach to development bank cooperationRegional Cooperation, EnergyREGEBRD
2 Jun 2014Asian dignitaries turn to Malaysia for green inspirationEnergyREGThe Rakyat Post
6 May 2014Slowdown in emerging markets weighs on Caucasus, Central AsiaEconomy, EnergyREGIMF
5 May 2014ADB President says Kazakhstan has central role in connecting Asia with changing worldRegional CooperationREGBusiness Standard
4 May 2014Connectivity, regional cooperation key to growth in Central Asia and beyondTransport, Regional Cooperation,
21 Apr 2014Fresh investment spurs growth of east-west trade along Silk RoadTransport, Trade FacilitationREGInstitutional Investor
7 Apr 2014CAREC countries’ customs services prepare joint plan for regional cooperationTransportREGTrend
4 Apr 2014ADB for removal of transport constraints in CAREC countriesTransportREGBusiness Recorder
28 Dec 2013ADB starts project to support goods and people transit through CAREC bordersTrade
24 Oct 2013CAREC to support key new routes to boost regional
5 Sep 2013CAREC member countries change their Energy Work PlanEnergyREGABC.AZ
2 Jul 2013Representatives of Central Asian countries discuss implementation of CAREC ProgramRegional
28 Jun 2013Central Asia officials meet to discuss implementation of CAREC ProgramRegional
23 Apr 2013ADB assistance tops $21.5-B in 2012Regional
7 Nov 2012Inclusive growth - basis for Central Asian countries' economic developmentRegional Cooperation, TransportREGKazinform
1 Nov 2012ADB: CAREC to implement infrastructure projects in Central AsiaTransportREGBernama
31 Oct 2012CAREC aims for further development in the next 10 years (in Russian)Regional CooperationREGPeople's Daily Online
31 Oct 2012CAREC countries agreed on 68 priority transport projects (in Russian)TransportREGKazakhstan Today
31 Oct 2012CAREC Ministers agree on $23 bln action plan to boost Central Asia linksTransportREGKazakhstan Today
31 Oct 2012CAREC agrees on $23bn action planTransportREGDaily Times
31 Oct 201211th CAREC Ministerial Conference opens in WuhanRegional CooperationREGKazinform
31 Oct 2012CAREC ministers forge $23 billion action planTransportREGCentral Asia Newswire
30 Oct 2012Ministers of CAREC member countries agreed on $23 bn project implementation plan (in Russian)
30 Oct 2012PRC: Kazakhstan will hold the next CAREC Ministerial Meeting in autumn 2013 (in Russian)Regional
30 Oct 201211th Ministerial Conference of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC), Wuhan, China (in Russian)Regional
30 Oct 2012CAREC program to be institute by 2014Transport, Trade FacilitationREGTrend
30 Oct 2012CAREC ministers agree on $23 billion action plan to boost Central Asian linksTransport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyREGADB
25 Oct 2012Regional energy, connectivity issues to be discussed during CAREC conferenceTransport, EnergyREGADB
24 Oct 2012Regional program boosts Central Asian development: expertRegional CooperationREGKazinform
24 Oct 2012CAREC ministers to gather in PRC to chart way forward for the regionRegional Cooperation, TransportREGADB
24 Oct 2012CAREC countries to discuss cooperation development ways in region till 2020Regional CooperationREGTrend
16 Oct 2012ADB approves technical assistance to development of transport corridors within CARECTransportREGTrend
11 Jul 2012CAREC countries offer to simplify transport and trade proceduresTransport, Trade FacilitationREGTrend
11 Jul 2012CAREC officials discuss cross-border transport arrangementsTransport, Trade FacilitationREGADB
11 Jul 2012CAREC officials discuss cross-border transport arrangementsTransport, Trade FacilitationREGAsia-Plus
21 Jun 2012Central Asia Officials Meet to Map Implementation of CAREC 2020Regional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGADB
21 Jun 2012Central Asia Officials Meet to Map Implementation of CAREC 2020Regional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGAsia-Plus
21 Jun 2012Implementation of CAREC 2020 Reviewed in ChinaRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGCentral Asia News Service
19 Jun 2012CAREC Region Introduces Own Indices of Trade Liberalization and Institutional QualityRegional Cooperation, Trade FacilitationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
10 Jun 2012CAREC Senior Officials (SOM) MeetingRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGMinistry of Finance, Afghanistan
23 May 2012CAREC Creates Its Own Net of Carriers and ForwardersTrade FacilitationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
23 May 2012CAREC States Create Customs IntelligenceTrade FacilitationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
7 May 2012ADB Agrees to Hold a General Meeting in Baku in 2015Regional CooperationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
30 Apr 2012Central Asia and Afghanistan after 2014Regional Cooperation, EconomyREG, AFGCentral Asia Newswire
4 Apr 2012NDN [Northern Distribution Network] can help Central Asia flourish post-2014Regional Cooperation, TransportREGCentral Asia Newswire
1 Mar 2012Local SEZs [special economic zones] face substantial challengesTransportREGCentral Asia Newswire
29 Feb 2012CAREC Joins to Boosting Members in WTOTrade PolicyREGAzerbaijan Business Center
26 Nov 2011ADB President: Economic Growth in Greater in Central Asia Should be More InclusiveRegional Cooperation, EconomyREGAzerbaijan Business Center
25 Nov 2011EBRD, Asian Development Bank strengthen tiesRegional CooperationREGKABAR
25 Nov 2011Development Partners Commit to Support CAREC 2020Regional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGAsia-Plus
24 Nov 2011Central Asian, Azerbaijani ministers agree to boost cooperationRegional CooperationREGNews.Az
24 Nov 2011President Ilham Aliyeve receives participants of CAREC Ministerial ConferenceRegional CooperationREGTrend
24 Nov 2011Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline and Caspian Oil Transport System Can Become CAREC PartRegional Cooperation, EnergyREGAzerbaijan Business Center
23 Nov 2011ADB President on visit to AzerbaijanRegional CooperationREGNews.Az
23 Nov 2011Ilham Aliyev, Asian Bank chief discuss CAREC cooperationRegional CooperationREGNews.Az
23 Nov 2011Trade between CAREC program countries can grow 13 times to 2017Regional Cooperation, Trade FacilitationREGTrend
23 Nov 2011$50 billion CAREC 2020 Strategy approved in BakuRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyREGTrend
23 Nov 2011CAREC Countries Start Forming Economic Corridors within CAREC 2020Regional Cooperation, TransportREGAzerbaijan Business Center
23 Nov 2011Countries of Greater Central Asia Simplify Border ControlTrade FacilitationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
23 Nov 2011Regional Cooperation on Track as CAREC Endorses 10-year StrategyRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGADB
22 Nov 2011Baku hosts preparatory meeting for CAREC Ministerial ConferenceRegional CooperationREGNews.Az
22 Nov 2011Conference to highlight CAREC 2020 programmeRegional CooperationREGTrend
21 Nov 2011EBRD, ADB agree on public–private partnerships in the Caucasus and Central AsiaRegional CooperationREGTrend
21 Nov 2011Modern "Silk Road" Brings Prosperity across Central Asia: CAREC at 10-Connectivity and Trade for ProsperityRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyREGADB
21 Nov 2011ADB, EBRD Strengthen Ties in Caucasus and Central AsiaRegional CooperationREGADB
21 Nov 2011EBRD, Asian Development Bank Strengthen TiesRegional CooperationREGEBRD
18 Nov 2011CAREC Ministers Celebrate a Decade of CooperationRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGAsia-Plus
18 Nov 2011CAREC Ministers Celebrate a Decade of CooperationRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyREGADB
17 Nov 2011Azerbaijan hosts 10th anniversary CAREC ministerial conferenceRegional CooperationREGNews.Az
8 Jun 2011CAREC 2020: Boosting Trade, Transport, and Energy in Central AsiaRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyREGADB
6 Jun 201114th Trade Policy Coordinating Committee meeting kicks off in BakuTrade PolicyREGTrend
31 May 2011Baku to host next meeting within CARECRegional CooperationREGTrend
23 May 2011Central Asian energy meeting opens in BakuEnergyREGNews.Az
23 May 2011Azerbaijani government ready to support CAREC initiativeEnergyREGTrend
18 Feb 2011CAREC Supports Networking and Builds Capacity of Carrier and Forwarder AssociationsTrade FacilitationREGAsia-Plus
25 Jan 2011Azerbaijan to attend meeting of CAREC Transport and Trade Facilitation CommitteeTransport, Trade FacilitationREGNews.Az
25 Jan 2011Azerbaijani Transport Ministry to attend committee meeting within CARECTransportREGTrend
14 Jan 2011ADB Lays Groundwork for Easier Border Crossing in Central AsiaTrade FacilitationREGADB
2 Nov 2010Turkmenistan and Pakistan Join CAREC as Central Asia Partnership Looks to 2020Regional CooperationREGADB
29 Oct 2010Tajik Delegation to Attend CAREC Ministerial Conference in CebuRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGAsia-Plus
29 Oct 2010Expanding CAREC Takes Stock of a Decade of CooperationRegional CooperationREGADB
4 Oct 2010EBRD Silk Road trade finance forum held in KievTrade FacilitationREGEBRD
29 Jul 2010Public-Private Partnerships Can Unlock Central Asia's Vast Potential - ADBRegional CooperationREGADB
28 Jul 2010Armenian Economy Minister to participate in CAREC conferenceEconomyREGNews.Az
23 Jul 2010Tajikistan to Participate in ADB-supported Regional Business Development ForumRegional CooperationREGAsia-Plus
12 Jul 2010Committee head: 'Single window' introduced in Azerbaijani customs justifies itselfTrade FacilitationREGTrend
4 May 2010CAREC Program Helping Bolster Regional Ties in Central Asia: ADBRegional CooperationREGADB
4 May 2010World Customs Organization, ADB Boost Partnership for Trade FacilitationTrade FacilitationREGADB
7 Apr 2010Three Tajik Officials Participate in CAREC Institute Executive Leadership Development ProgramCAREC InstituteREGAsia-Plus
16 Feb 2010ADB Commends Uzbekistan for Promoting Central Asia Regional CooperationRegional CooperationREGADB
29 Nov 2009Poor Road Safety Conditions Threaten Economic and Social Well-being of Europe and Central Asia CountriesTransportREGWorld Bank
23 Oct 2009Azerbaijan proposes to extend transport corridor within CARECTransportREGTrend
16 Oct 2009Central Asian Governments Endorse Plans to Boost Integration, TradeRegional Cooperation, Trade FacilitationREGADB
14 Oct 2009Central Asian Nations Gather in Ulaanbaatar for 8th CAREC Ministerial MeetingRegional CooperationREGADB
14 Oct 2009ADB President Calls for More Investment, Cooperation, to Improve CAREC Trade Logistics SystemRegional Cooperation, Trade FacilitationREGADB
8 May 2009Afghanistan, Pakistan Pledge Support for Electricity Trade Project with Central AsiaEnergyREGWorld Bank
18 Aug 2008Another meeting by Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation expected in Baku on 25,26 SeptemberRegional CooperationREGTrend
11 Jun 2008CAREC countries discuss strategy on assistance to regional trade and transportTransport, Trade FacilitationREGTrend
31 Oct 2007Regional cooperation essential to economic growth in Central AsiaRegional CooperationREGTrend
11 Jul 2007CAREC prefers transit via KazakhstanTransportREGTrend
9 Apr 2007Regional economic co-operation institute to be created in Central Asia to strengthen CAREC Program activitiesRegional Cooperation, CAREC InstituteREGTrend
5 Mar 2007Development of CAREC action plan set up in AzerbaijanRegional CooperationREGTrend
12 Oct 2006First CAREC forum for business development to take place in Urumqi on 16Regional Cooperation, EconomyREGTrend
23 Sep 2006ADB, IMF hold workshop under CAREC in BakuTrade FacilitationREGTrend
5 Nov 2005Azeri delegation to participate in 4th conference of CARECRegional CooperationREGTrend
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