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2 Jan 2018[FEATURE] Access to All-Weather Road Allows Afghan Valley Residents to FlourishTransportAFGWorld Bank
18 Dec 2017ADB provides $60 million to support power transmission expansion in eastern AfghanistanEnergyAFGADB
6 Dec 2017ADB provides $330 million to Afghanistan to complete National Ring RoadTransportAFGADB
20 Nov 2017ADB supports Afghanistan to boost energy supplyEnergyAFGADB
7 Nov 2017Infrastructure drives ADB strategy in AfghanistanTransportAFGADB
31 Oct 2017New ADB strategy to support inclusive, sustainable growth in AfghanistanTransport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyAFGADB
6 Oct 2017ADB VP reaffirms commitment to supporting infrastructure development in AfghanistanTransport, EnergyAFGADB
25 Sep 2017[FEATURE] Life Improves for Thousands in Rural Afghanistan with Upgraded Infrastructure in VillagesTransportAFGWorld Bank
20 Sep 2017ADB provides additional funding to improve roads, highways in AfghanistanTransportAFGADB
13 Sep 2017[FEATURE] Afghanistan: Rehabilitated roads revive Kabul businesses and ease transportation woesTransportAFGWorld Bank
8 Aug 2017ADB appoints new country director for AfghanistanRegional CooperationAFGADB
12 Jul 2017Government of Afghanistan signs $482.3 million new financingTransport, EnergyAFGWorld Bank
19 May 2017ADB supports new Bamyan road to boost connectivity in AfghanistanTransportAFGADB
16 May 2017Why does Afghanistan need a transport master plan?TransportAFGADB
10 Apr 2017CAREC aviation officials discuss regional air cooperationTransportAFG, AZE, GEO, KAZ, KGZ, MON, PAK, PRC, TAJ, TKM, UZBADB
6 Mar 2017Improving road access transforms lives in Afghanistan's Daykundi ProvinceTransportAFGWorld Bank
14 Feb 2017Electricity connects Afghanistan village to wider worldEnergyAFGWorld Bank
6 Dec 2016ADB approves $415 million grant to support Afghanistan's energy securityEnergyAFGADB
16 Nov 2016IsDB approves more than $592 million to finance new development projectsTransportAFG, TAJISDB
2 Nov 2016ADB $25.5 million grant to improve road maintenance in AfghanistanTransportAFGADB
22 Sep 2016BLOG: Off-grid solar can be game-changer for electricity access in Central AsiaEnergyREG, AFG, PAKADB
10 Sep 2016Turkmenistan increasing electricity supply to AfghanistanEnergyAFG, TKMTrend News Agency
30 Aug 2016ADB to fund studies, design for Salang Corridor upgradeTransportAFGADB
29 Aug 2016Progress continues on 6 CAREC corridors, says ADBTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREG, AFG, AZE, KAZ, KGZ, MON, PAK, PRC, TAJ, TKM, UZBPajhwok Afghan News
28 Aug 2016Islamic Development Bank to finance TAPI pipelineEnergyTKM, PAK, AFGTrend News Agency
17 Aug 2016Turkmenistan building railway to AfghanistanTransportTKM, AFGTrend News Agency
12 Jul 2016Afghanistan’s role in the Central Asia-South Asia energy projectsEnergyAFGThe Diplomat
11 Jun 2016Turkmenistan, Afghanistan to mull prospects for trade, economic cooperationTransport, EnergyAFG, TKMTrend News Agency
7 Jun 2016Turkmenistan to supply Afghanistan with electricity until 2027EnergyAFG, TKMTrend News Agency
24 May 2016EBRD studying possibility of participation in TAPI projectEnergyAFG, TKM, PAKTrend News Agency
18 May 2016Islamic Development Bank to take part in financing of TAPI``EnergyAFG, TKM, PAKTrend News Agency
7 May 2016TAPI construction being carried out according to scheduleEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMTrend News Agency
7 Apr 2016TAPI pipeline to help Afghanistan rebuild ties with Silk Road neighborsEnergyAFGADB
7 Apr 2016Investment agreement signed for TAPI pipelineEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMADB
23 Mar 2016Customs complex to boost trade with Afghnistan, Central Asian RrepublicTrade FacilitationAFG, PAKThe Nation
17 Mar 2016ADB reaffirms support, targets more funding for infrastructureTransportAFGADB
25 Feb 2016Turkmenistan, Afghanistan boosting energy and transportation projectsEnergy, TransportAFG, TKMTrend News Agency
15 Dec 2015TAPI shareholders agreement signed at ground breaking ceremonyEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMADB
7 Dec 2015ADB $1.2 billion grant to support Afghanistan’s energy securityEnergyAFGADB
26 Nov 2015From Central to South Asia: Energy ministers strike transmission line accordEnergyAFG, KGZ, PAK, TAJThe Express Tribune
30 Oct 2015Construction of TAPI pipeline can start in DecemberEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMTrend News Agency
26 Oct 2015TAPI shareholders agreement initialedEnergyAFG, PAKADB
15 Sep 2015ADB hails completion of TAPI project feasibility studyEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMAzernews
21 Aug 2015Work on TAPI pipeline to begin in DecemberEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMThe Express Tribune
18 Aug 2015ADB interested in TAPI projectEnergyTKM, AFG, PAKAzernews
7 Aug 2015TAPI steering committee endorses Turkmengaz as consortium leader for gas pipeline projectEnergyAFG, TKM, PAKADB
10 Jul 2015Tajikistan and Afghanistan presidents agree to develop cooperation between countriesTransport, Energy, Regional CooperationAFG, REGAKIpress
10 Jul 2015Astana ready to expand cooperation with Afghanistan - NazarbayevTransport, Regional CooperationAFG, KAZAKIpress
1 Jul 2015Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan railway is under constructionTransportAFG, TAJ, TKMTrend News Agency
23 Apr 2015EU firms to undertake joint ventures in Afghanistan, PakistanTrade FacilitationAFG, PAKDaily Times Pakistan
29 Mar 2015Afghanistan’s economic recovery: A new horizon for South-South partnerships?Regional Cooperation, TransportAFGInter Press Service
2 Mar 2015Japan $3 million grant to support Afghanistan road corridor upgradeTransportAFGADB
12 Feb 2015ADB provides $130 million to boost Afghanistan transport networkTransportAFGADB
21 Nov 2014New TAPI pipeline company holds first board meeting, appoints chairmanEnergyTKM, AFG, PAKADB
13 Nov 2014Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India establish landmark TAPI pipeline companyEnergyAFG, TKM, PAKADB
23 Jul 2014US Treasury awards ADB for landmark Afghan railway projectTransportAFGADB
21 May 2014Economic gains prepare Afghanistan for transition yearRegional Cooperation, EconomyAFGIMF
30 Apr 2014A Transformation: Afghanistan Beyond 2014Regional CooperationAFGUS Department of State
18 Mar 2014Donors pledge additional $286 million to ADB infrastructure fund for AfghanistanTransportAFGADB
5 Mar 2014ADB president reaffirms long-term support for AfghanistanRegional CooperationAFGADB
26 Nov 2013ADB power project to boost Afghanistan North-South LinkEnergyAFGADB
20 May 2013Central Asian states pursue railroads to AfghanistanTransportAFGBusiness New Europe
24 Oct 2012Afghanistan connects through CAREC road and railway corridorsTransportAFGADB
17 May 2012US Supports Cross-Border Transport Agreement between Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and AfghanistanRegional Cooperation, TransportAFG, KGZ, TAJAsia-Plus
30 Apr 2012Central Asia and Afghanistan after 2014Regional Cooperation, EconomyREG, AFGCentral Asia Newswire
23 Nov 2011The place in-between: Supporting Afghanistan's transitionEconomy, TransportAFGCentral Asia Newswire
20 Sep 2011ADB Adds $754 Million to Infrastructure Projects in Afghan Road and Rail SectorTransportAFGADB
30 Aug 2011Afghanistan to join Central Asian cross-border transport agreementTransportAFGCentral Asia Newswire
30 Aug 2011Afghanistan joins Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic Cross-Border Transport AccordTransport, Trade FacilitationAFG, KGZ, TAJTrend
29 Aug 2011Uzbek freight line to Afghanistan begins operationsTransportAFG, UZBCentral Asia Newswire
29 Aug 2011Afghanistan Joins Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic Cross-Border Transport AccordTransport, Regional CooperationAFG, KGZ, TAJADB
17 Jan 2011ADB Provides $340 Million to Complete Afghan Ring RoadTransportAFGADB
25 May 2010ADB President Inaugurates Rail Line Linking Afghanistan to Central AsiaTransportAFGADB
30 Sep 2009ADB-Funded Railway to Help Afghanistan Improve Regional Links, Boost GrowthTransportAFGADB
25 May 2009New Transmission Line Brings Stable Power Supply to Kabul for First Time in DecadesEnergyAFGADB
28 Apr 2009Boost for Afghan Plan to Develop Railway SystemTransportAFGADB
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