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2 Jan 2018[FEATURE] Access to All-Weather Road Allows Afghan Valley Residents to FlourishTransportAFGWorld Bank
27 Dec 2017Pakistan launches expressway as part of ADB, DFID-supported economic corridors programTransportPAKADB
19 Dec 2017ADB, Georgia sign loan for Tbilisi metro improvement projectTransportGEOADB
18 Dec 2017ADB provides $60 million to support power transmission expansion in eastern AfghanistanEnergyAFGADB
18 Dec 2017ADB signs two loans with Pakistan to improve urban, transport sectorsTransportPAKADB
14 Dec 2017Promoting safe and sustainable roads in TajikistanTransportTAJEBRD
14 Dec 2017[VIDEO] Roadworks Pave the Way for a Tourism Boom in Georgia’s Old CapitalTransportGEOADB
13 Dec 2017ADB loan to help modernize power generation in UzbekistanEnergyUZBADB
6 Dec 2017ADB approves $400 million to support Azerbaijan's rail sector, modernize North-South Railway CorridorTransportAZEADB
6 Dec 2017ADB provides $330 million to Afghanistan to complete National Ring RoadTransportAFGADB
5 Dec 2017CAREC strategy 2030 launched: ADB to loan $2 billion for two railways projectsTransportThe News International
5 Dec 2017ADB sees chance for Pakistan to emerge as trade hubTransport, Trade FacilitationREGThe Express Tribune
5 Dec 2017ADB allocates $5 billion for CAREC 2030Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, Trade Policy, EnergyREGDawn
4 Dec 2017Pakistan, ADB jointly launch CAREC Strategy 2030Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGRadio Pakistan
28 Nov 2017New energy efficiency plans to unlock Kazakhstan’s energy potentialEnergyKAZWorld Bank
20 Nov 2017ADB supports Afghanistan to boost energy supplyEnergyAFGADB
17 Nov 2017ADB approves first full country partnership strategy for TurkmenistanTransport, Energy, Regional CooperationTKMADB
8 Nov 2017World Bank continues to support upgrading Georgia’s major transport routeTransportGEOWorld Bank
7 Nov 2017Infrastructure drives ADB strategy in AfghanistanTransportAFGADB
2 Nov 2017[FEATURE] Tourism: A Driver of Development in Central AsiaTransportREGWorld Bank
31 Oct 2017New ADB strategy to support inclusive, sustainable growth in AfghanistanTransport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyAFGADB
27 Oct 2017Georgian products going globalTrade FacilitationGEOEBRD
27 Oct 2017[FEATURE] Working together in Central and West AsiaTransport, EnergyREGADB
27 Oct 2017ADB president commits more than $5 billion to support new strategy for CARECRegional CooperationREGADB
26 Oct 2017ADB president visits Tajikistan to strengthen partnershipTransport, Regional CooperationTAJADB
23 Oct 2017[FEATURE] Urumqi, China: BRT Provides Residents with Fast, Convenient, Cheap, and Comfortable Transport ServiceTransportPRCWorld Bank
6 Oct 2017ADB VP reaffirms commitment to supporting infrastructure development in AfghanistanTransport, EnergyAFGADB
4 Oct 2017[VIDEO] Building a Stronger and Flourishing Central AsiaRegional CooperationWorld Bank
26 Sep 2017ADB $800 million financing to help improve connectivity, trade in PakistanTransport, Trade FacilitationPAKADB
25 Sep 2017[FEATURE] Life Improves for Thousands in Rural Afghanistan with Upgraded Infrastructure in VillagesTransportAFGWorld Bank
20 Sep 2017ADB provides additional funding to improve roads, highways in AfghanistanTransportAFGADB
18 Sep 2017New ADB-Kazakhstan Strategy to support sustainable growth, economic diversificationRegional Cooperation, EconomyKAZADB
18 Sep 2017[FEATURE] Building a diversified and sustainable economy in KazakhstanEconomy, Regional CooperationKAZADB
13 Sep 2017[FEATURE] Afghanistan: Rehabilitated roads revive Kabul businesses and ease transportation woesTransportAFGWorld Bank
11 Sep 2017What [People's Republic of] China’s 'Belt and Road Initiative' means for the Western BalkansTransportREGEBRD
7 Sep 2017ADB president expresses confidence in future of CAREC InstituteCAREC InstituteREGADB
5 Sep 2017Better trade facilitation could reduce trade costs in Asia by up to 9% annually — reportTrade FacilitationREGADB
4 Sep 2017It’s Time for Rail Systems to Lead Central Asia’s Growing Cross-Border TradeTransportADB
31 Aug 2017CAREC countries advance regional road safety strategyTransportREGADB
28 Aug 2017ADB to provide $180 million to help improve railway safety in PRCTransportPRCADB
8 Aug 2017ADB appoints new country director for AfghanistanRegional CooperationAFGADB
31 Jul 2017A sneak peek at CAREC’s new strategyTransport, Trade FacilitationREGADB
26 Jul 2017First energy efficient kindergartens open in AktauEnergyKAZWorld Bank
18 Jul 2017Forum highlights new technology and financing for future energyEnergyREGADB
18 Jul 2017CAREC countries to discuss new technology and financing for future energyEnergyREGAKIpress
12 Jul 2017Government of Afghanistan signs $482.3 million new financingTransport, EnergyAFGWorld Bank
10 Jul 2017EBRD approves new strategy for KazakhstanTransport, EnergyKAZEBRD
9 Jul 2017EBRD approves new country strategy for MongoliaTransportMONEBRD
3 Jul 2017EBRD supports Mongolian logistics company Terra ExpressTrade FacilitationMONEBRD
28 Jun 2017(People's Republic of) China ratifies CAREC Institute establishment agreementCAREC
23 Jun 2017Kazakhstan, Central Asia and the transition to effective market economiesEnergy, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade PolicyKAZ, KGZ, MON, TAJ, TKM, UZBEBRD
22 Jun 2017"Future Energy", Kazakhstan, and the EBRDEnergyKAZEBRD
16 Jun 2017ADB, AFD approved over $400 million to accelerate energy reforms in PakistanEnergyPAKADB
16 Jun 2017ADB VP reaffirms support to Kazakhstan, regional cooperationTransport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyKAZ, REGADB
15 Jun 2017Mongolia: New (World Bank) project to deliver reliable electricity and scale-up renewablesEnergyMONWorld Bank
12 Jun 2017EBRD invests in second solar park in Kazakhstan, Burnoye-2EnergyKAZEBRD
5 Jun 2017[FEATURE] Urban transport program helps keep Kabul clean TransportWorld Bank
30 May 2017In Azerbaijan, road upgrades bring new opportunityTransportAZEADB
30 May 2017Six ways Asian economic cooperation is changing the regionTrade Facilitation, Trade PolicyREGADB
19 May 2017ADB supports new Bamyan road to boost connectivity in AfghanistanTransportAFGADB
16 May 2017Why does Afghanistan need a transport master plan?TransportAFGADB
11 May 2017Growth accelerates in Europe and Central Asia as World Bank calls for more trade benefiting more peopleTrade PolicyREGWorld Bank
3 May 2017World Bank supports energy security in TajikistanEnergyTAJWorld Bank
2 May 2017EBRD, EU, and TBC Bank to help Georgia companies grasp new trade opportunitiesTrade FacilitationGEOEBRD
2 May 2017New ADB country director for Tajikistan assumes officeRegional CooperationADB
27 Apr 2017 Tajikistan develops national road safety strategyTransportADB
24 Apr 2017New ADB Pakistan country director assumes officeTransport, Trade FacilitationPAKADB
24 Apr 2017ADB approves $80 million for Uzbekistan railway electrificationTransportUZBADB
23 Apr 2017World Bank and AIIB sign cooperation frameworkEnergyPAK, AZEWorld Bank
21 Apr 2017 [VIDEO] Trade in Transition: Interview with Hans TimmerTrade FacilitationREGWorld Bank
18 Apr 2017Improving supply, meeting increased energy demand in UzbekistanEnergyUZBWorld Bank
11 Apr 2017ADB, Afghanistan launch transport sector master plan updateTransportADB
10 Apr 2017CAREC aviation officials discuss regional air cooperationTransportAFG, AZE, GEO, KAZ, KGZ, MON, PAK, PRC, TAJ, TKM, UZBADB
7 Apr 2017EBRD donors support infrastructure improvements and economic integration Transport, Trade FacilitationGEO, KGZ, MONEBRD
31 Mar 2017ADB project will provide all-weather road to 30,000 people in rural GeorgiaTransportGEOADB
29 Mar 2017ADB investment in Batumi bypass to improve logistics, transport in GeorgiaTransport, Trade FacilitationGEOADB
24 Mar 2017World Bank project aims to help Mongolia diversify exports Trade FacilitationMONWorld Bank
17 Mar 2017EBRD president concludes visit to UzbekistanTrade PolicyUZBEBRD
16 Mar 2017Kazakhstan Power Sector: Reform Experiences and Challenges AheadEnergyWorld Bank
6 Mar 2017Improving road access transforms lives in Afghanistan's Daykundi ProvinceTransportAFGWorld Bank
3 Mar 2017ADB president visits Uzbekistan to strengthen partnership, signs 4 new loan agreementsTransport, EnergyUZBADB
28 Feb 2017EBRD to fund installation of heat meters in KazakhstanEnergyKAZEBRD
23 Feb 2017Supporting free trade with the EU in GeorgiaTrade PolicyGEOEBRD
14 Feb 2017Electricity connects Afghanistan village to wider worldEnergyAFGWorld Bank
13 Dec 2016ADB, Kyrgyz Republic sign agreement to complete Toktogul hydropower plant upgradeEnergyKGZADB
7 Dec 2016ADB supports $1 billion financing to expand Azerbaijan gas fieldEnergyADB
6 Dec 2016ADB to upgrade highways, improve road safety in KashkadaryaTransportUZBADB
6 Dec 2016ADB approves $415 million grant to support Afghanistan's energy securityEnergyAFGADB
4 Dec 2016ADB, Kyrgyz Republic ink agreement for road corridor rehabilitationTransportKGZAzernews
1 Dec 2016ADB, Kyrgyz Republic sign agreement for North-South alternate road corridor rehabilitationTransportKGZADB
25 Nov 2016ADB to help improve clean energy access, efficiency in PakistanEnergyPAKADB
24 Nov 2016Pakistan, Tajikistan discuss rail linkTransportTAJ, PAKDawn
23 Nov 2016Uzbekistan's energy sector to become more efficient and reliable with World Bank supportEnergyUZBWorld Bank
16 Nov 2016IsDB approves more than $592 million to finance new development projectsTransportAFG, TAJISDB
15 Nov 2016ADB VP reaffirms support for Azerbaijan's development prioritiesRegional Cooperation, Energy, TransportAZEADB
14 Nov 2016EBRD and EU support energy and water efficiency in the Kyrgyz RepublicEnergyKGZEBRD
10 Nov 2016FEATURE: For Uzbekistan, energy efficiency is smart economicsEnergyUZBWorld Bank
3 Nov 2016ADB to help improve strategic road connection on Armenia-Georgia borderTransportGEOADB
2 Nov 2016ADB-financed road upgrade to improve Dushanbe-Kurgonteppa connectivityTransportTAJADB
2 Nov 2016ADB $25.5 million grant to improve road maintenance in AfghanistanTransportAFGADB
27 Oct 2016FEATURE: Facilitating trade in Eastern Europe and Central AsiaTrade FacilitationGEO, REGWorld Bank
26 Oct 2016ADB president calls for expanded CAREC agenda to meet new challengesRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGADB
25 Oct 2016Regional cooperation key to economic well-beingRegional CooperationREGThe Express Tribune
24 Oct 2016Central Asian countries identify $94 billion energy investment needs to 2023EnergyREGADB
28 Sep 2016ADB to allocate $95 million to road corridor in the Kyrgyz RepublicTransportKGZTrend News Agency
27 Sep 2016ADB allocates $95 million to help rehabilitate North-South CorridorTransportKGZADB
23 Sep 2016Lagarde, ADB chief to attend regional moot in IslamabadRegional CooperationPAKDawn
23 Sep 2016CAREC meeting to be held in Islamabad next monthRegional CooperationPAKThe News International
22 Sep 2016BLOG: Off-grid solar can be game-changer for electricity access in Central AsiaEnergyREG, AFG, PAKADB
22 Sep 2016Hydropower plant to be built in western MongoliaEnergyMONAKIpress
22 Sep 2016IDB to finance Turkmenistan section of TAPI gas pipelineEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
22 Sep 2016Turkmenistan, ADB mull partnership prospectsEnergy, Regional CooperationTKMTrend News Agency
22 Sep 2016Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan to mull trade-economic tiesTransportKAZ, UZBTrend News Agency
22 Sep 2016ADB backs People's Republic of China's 'Belt and Road' initiative in Central AsiaTransportPRC, PAK, REGXinhua
21 Sep 2016Ishaq Dar, ADB head discuss agenda of upcoming CAREC conferenceRegional CooperationPAK, REGBusiness Recorder
21 Sep 2016Europe and Kazakhstan: A trade link made in heavenTransportKAZThe Astana Times
21 Sep 2016Mongolia, Azerbaijan discuss prospects for cooperationTransportAZE, MONAKIpress
21 Sep 2016ADB president expresses support for Turkmenistan economic diversificationEnergy, EconomyTKMADB
20 Sep 2016ADB vice president celebrates, deepens partnership with Kyrgyz RepublicTransport, Regional CooperationKGZADB
18 Sep 2016Japan’s Sumitomo constructing power plant in TurkmenistanEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
17 Sep 2016Kazakhstan to increase gas production by 2020EnergyKAZThe Astana Times
17 Sep 2016Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan to mull energy, transport cooperationTransport, EnergyAZE, KAZTrend News Agency
15 Sep 2016EBRD and EU boost finance for energy efficiency in Kyrgyz RepublicEnergyKGZEBRD
15 Sep 2016(IMF) Azerbaijan's opportunity to reboot, diversify economyEconomy, Trade PolicyIMF
15 Sep 2016Aktau northern port now an international portTrade FacilitationKAZThe Astana Times
13 Sep 2016New ADB country director for Kazakhstan assumes officeRegional CooperationKAZADB
11 Sep 2016Dar invites ministers for CAREC ministerial meetingTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyPAKThe Nation
10 Sep 2016Turkmenistan increasing electricity supply to AfghanistanEnergyAFG, TKMTrend News Agency
9 Sep 2016ADB funds the completion of Toktogul hydropower plant rehabilitationEnergyKGZADB
8 Sep 2016ADB signs trade finance agreement with Georgia’s BasisBankTrade FacilitationGEOADB
31 Aug 2016ADB to provide $197.85M for improvement of roads in SindhTransportPAKDawn
30 Aug 2016ADB to fund studies, design for Salang Corridor upgradeTransportAFGADB
29 Aug 2016Corridor to ProgressTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGThe News International
29 Aug 2016ADB approves $240M to help Kazakhstan modernize transport, improve connectivityTransportKAZADB
29 Aug 2016Progress continues on 6 CAREC corridors, says ADBTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREG, AFG, AZE, KAZ, KGZ, MON, PAK, PRC, TAJ, TKM, UZBPajhwok Afghan News
28 Aug 2016Islamic Development Bank to finance TAPI pipelineEnergyTKM, PAK, AFGTrend News Agency
24 Aug 2016Pakistan likely to get electricity from CASA-1000 in June 2018EnergyPAKThe News International
23 Aug 2016$810 million ADB loan to help Pakistan address energy shortageEnergyPAKADB
18 Aug 2016Pak Railways poised to get massive funding from CPEC and CARECTransportPAKPakistan Today
17 Aug 2016Turkmenistan building railway to AfghanistanTransportTKM, AFGTrend News Agency
9 Aug 2016New ferry complex in Kazakhstan to start cargo transshipment by DecemberTransport, Trade FacilitationKAZTrend News Agency
8 Aug 2016Mongolia and Russia to boost transport cooperationTransportMONAKIpress
1 Aug 2016New railway LNG transport line opens between People's Republic of China, KazakhstanTransportPRC, KAZPakistan Observer
30 Jul 2016Turkmenistan speeds up TAPI pipeline’s constructionEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
28 Jul 2016Uzbekistan to work out electric power system development strategyEnergyUZBTrend News Agency
19 Jul 2016CAREC Senior Officials' Meeting begins todayRegional CooperationPakistan Observer
12 Jul 2016Turkmenistan eyes possibility of power export to Pakistan, TajikistanEnergyTAJ, TKM, PAKAzernews
12 Jul 2016Kazakhstan, People's Republic of China discuss implementation of 'One Belt, One Road' strategyTransport, Trade FacilitationKAZ, PRCAKIpress
12 Jul 2016Afghanistan’s role in the Central Asia-South Asia energy projectsEnergyAFGThe Diplomat
12 Jul 2016ADB approves $750 million loan facility to lift power reliability in AzerbaijanEnergyADB
11 Jul 2016Freight railway route between People's Republic of China and Central Asia put into operationTransportUZBUzDaily
11 Jul 2016Uzbekistan eyes to raise ADB loan for thermal power plant modernizationEnergyUZBTrend News Agency
9 Jul 2016Turkmenistan proposes Japan to participate in TAPI’s constructionEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
30 Jun 2016Kazakhstan joins Central Asia-Middle East transport corridorTransportKAZ, TKMTrend News Agency
25 Jun 2016Kazakhstan recommends to transport goods from Ukraine via AzerbaijanTransport, Trade FacilitationKAZ, AZETrend News Agency
24 Jun 2016People's Republic of China (PRC) president talks prospects of Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan-PRC railwayTransportKAZ, PRC, TKMTrend News Agency
24 Jun 2016Road project in Tajikistan - first joint EBRD-AIIB investmentTransportTAJTrend News Agency
23 Jun 2016Chinese firms invest $15 billion in in ‘New Silk Road’TransportPRC, UZBAKIpress
22 Jun 2016People's Republic of China to provide grant for reconstruction of 49 road sections in BishkekTransportKGZ, PRCAKIpress
21 Jun 2016ADB provides Pakistan $100 million for new section of motorwayTransportPAKADB
21 Jun 2016Kazakhstan’s trade with CAREC countries reaches $22 billionTrade FacilitationKAZThe Times of Central Asia
15 Jun 2016Turkmenistan, People's Republic of China to expand oil and gas cooperationEnergyTKM, PRCTrend News Agency
11 Jun 2016Turkmenistan, Afghanistan to mull prospects for trade, economic cooperationTransport, EnergyAFG, TKMTrend News Agency
10 Jun 2016World Bank approves $978 million loan to improve transport links in KazakhstanTransportKAZTrend News Agency
10 Jun 2016ADB approves first cofinancing with AIIB for a Pakistan road projectTransportPAKADB
7 Jun 2016Turkmenistan to supply Afghanistan with electricity until 2027EnergyAFG, TKMTrend News Agency
4 Jun 2016Turkmenistan allocates first tranche for TAPI constructionEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
3 Jun 2016Cargo transportation via Silk Road to be improvedTransportAZE, KAZ, KGZAzernews
3 Jun 2016Kazakhstan reduces time for customs clearanceTrade FacilitationKAZTrend News Agency
1 Jun 2016President Aliyev: Southern Gas Corridor to bring Azerbaijan gas to world marketEnergyAZEAzernews
31 May 2016CASA-1000: Powering up Central and South AsiaEnergyREGWorld Bank
26 May 2016EBRD finances natural gas storage and distribution in KazakhstanEnergyKAZEBRD
26 May 2016EBRD to finance gas projects in KazakhstanEnergyKAZTrend News Agency
26 May 2016EBRD to finance new projects worth 350 million euros in KazakhstanEnergyKAZTrend News Agency
26 May 2016ADB vice-president discusses partnership and growth in KazakhstanRegional CooperationKAZADB
24 May 2016Free trade zone in Azerbaijan to attract its first residents from 2017Trade FacilitationAZETrend News Agency
24 May 2016EBRD studying possibility of participation in TAPI projectEnergyAFG, TKM, PAKTrend News Agency
23 May 2016Baku, Ashgabat discussing options of Turkmen gas supply via Southern Gas CorridorEnergyAZE, TKMTrend News Agency
21 May 2016ADB to be lead financier for M4 Highway project in PakistanTransportPakistan Today
19 May 2016World Bank WB proposes to conduct thorough feasibility study for Nurek HPP rehabilitation projectEnergyTAJASIA-Plus
19 May 2016How China’s Belt and Road Initiative could boost south-eastern EuropeTransportPRCEBRD
18 May 2016Islamic Development Bank to take part in financing of TAPI``EnergyAFG, TKM, PAKTrend News Agency
18 May 2016Kazakhstan continues to improve road infrastructureTransportKAZTrend News Agency
16 May 2016Turkmenistan aspires to join WTOTrade PolicyTKMTrend News Agency
14 May 2016Turkmenistan, WTO mull partnershipTrade FacilitationTKMAzernews
13 May 2016Revenues of transportation, logistics companies increase in KazakhstanTransport, Trade FacilitationKAZTrend News Agency
13 May 2016Tajikistan ratifies agreement with EBRD on financing public transport in KhujandTransportTAJASIA-Plus
13 May 2016Tajikistan president, World Bank vice president for South Asia discuss cooperationRegional CooperationTAJASIA-Plus
12 May 2016Tajikistan interested in further expansion of cooperation with KyrgyzstanTrade Facilitation, EnergyTAJ, KGZASIA-Plus
12 May 2016ADB $287 million investment program in 2016 targets economic management and infrastructure Transport, Trade FacilitationPAKADB
9 May 2016New promising gas field discovered in TurkmenistanEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
7 May 2016TAPI construction being carried out according to scheduleEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMTrend News Agency
4 May 2016Turkmenistan, Islamic Development Bank to intensify cooperationRegional CooperationTKMTrend News Agency
2 May 2016ADB, AIIB sign MOU to strengthen cooperation for sustainable growthTransport, Regional CooperationPAKADB
27 Apr 2016Tajikistan president inaugurates ADB-supported energy facilityEnergyTAJADB
25 Apr 2016ADB border crossing loan to help boost People's Republic of China, Russian Federation tradeTrade FacilitationMON, PRCADB
23 Apr 2016Gas supply via Turkmenistan-People's Republic of China pipeline increasesEnergyTKM, PRCTrend News Agency
22 Apr 2016US ready to support development of alternative energy in AzerbaijanEnergyAZETrend News Agency
18 Apr 2016EBRD at 25: TransportTransportREGEBRD
15 Apr 2016New transportation, logistics center to be launched in KazakhstanTransport, Trade FacilitationKAZTrend News Agency
11 Apr 2016New ADB country director welcomes opportunity to boost partnershipTransport, Energy, Regional CooperationAZEADB
10 Apr 2016Turkmenistan considering building power transmission lines to Pakistan, TajikistanEnergyTKM, PAK, TAJTrend News Agency
10 Apr 2016World Bank helps reduce energy losses in Uzbekistan’s capital city and two regionsEnergyUZBWorld Bank
7 Apr 2016Azerbaijan, World Bank ink $140M loan dealTransportAZETrend News Agency
7 Apr 2016North-South project has good prospects, says expertTransportAZETrend News Agency
7 Apr 2016TAPI pipeline to help address energy shortages in PakistanEnergyPAKADB
7 Apr 2016TAPI pipeline to help Turkmenistan diversify gas exports, support growthEnergyTKMADB
7 Apr 2016TAPI pipeline to help Afghanistan rebuild ties with Silk Road neighborsEnergyAFGADB
7 Apr 2016Investment agreement signed for TAPI pipelineEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMADB
31 Mar 2016Mongolia creating logistics center to meet global standardsTrade FacilitationMONAKIpress
31 Mar 2016ADB approves $197 million loan for highway rehabilitation in PakistanTransportPAKADB
28 Mar 2016Kazakhstan allocates additional $4.2 billion to develop transport infrastructureTransportKAZThe Astana Times
28 Mar 2016Turkmenistan aims to diversify fuel and energy industryEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
28 Mar 2016Turkmenistan starts welding TAPI pipeline’s linear partEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
24 Mar 2016Pakistan setting up modern customs complex at TorkhamTrade FacilitationPAKDaily Times
23 Mar 2016Customs complex to boost trade with Afghnistan, Central Asian RrepublicTrade FacilitationAFG, PAKThe Nation
22 Mar 2016Pakistan, Afghanistan should work together to stop illegal tradeTrade FacilitationPAKPakistan Herald
17 Mar 2016Turkmenistan, Pakistan reach electricity supply agreementEnergyPAK, TKMTrend News Agency
17 Mar 2016Pakistan looks forward to opening ceremony of CASA-1000 project in MayEnergyPAK, TAJASIA-Plus
17 Mar 2016ADB reaffirms support, targets more funding for infrastructureTransportAFGADB
17 Mar 2016Pakistan PM meets Turkmenistan president to discuss regional connectivity projectsTransportPAKThe Express Tribune
16 Mar 2016Azerbaijan keen to have most advanced customs servicesTrade FacilitationAZEAzernews
14 Mar 2016Azerbaijan invites Japan to Southern Gas Corridor initiativeEnergyAZEAzernews
14 Mar 2016People's Republic of China ready to cooperate with Azerbaijan in transport sectorTransportPRC, AZEAzernews
10 Mar 2016Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan considering opening new transport routeTransportAZE, TKMTrend News Agency
9 Mar 2016Turkmenistan preparing to lay linear part of its TAPI pipeline sectionEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
7 Mar 2016Uzbekistan increasing gas production at one of southern fieldsEnergyUZBTrend News Agency
4 Mar 2016ADB signs $1 billion cofinancing agreement with Eurasian Development BankTransportADB
25 Feb 2016Uzbekistan builds rail link to the Ferghana Valley that bypasses TajikistanTransportUZBASIA-Plus
25 Feb 2016Turkmenistan, Afghanistan boosting energy and transportation projectsEnergy, TransportAFG, TKMTrend News Agency
24 Feb 2016ADB expands cooperation with GeorgiaTransport, EnergyGEOADB
21 Feb 2016Turkmenistan to attract foreign investments in energy complexEnergyTrend News Agency
18 Feb 2016Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan to establish railway consortiumTransportAZE, KAZAzernews
18 Feb 2016EBRD cofinances key Center-South highway in KazakhstanTransportKAZEBRD
17 Feb 2016FEATURE: Shining a light on Central AsiaRegional CooperationREGEBRD
29 Jan 2016Regional economic integration is key to development success in Central Asia and the CaucasusRegional CooperationREGTrend News Agency
26 Jan 2016BLOG: Designing new climate-resilient roads in the Kyrgyz RepublicTransportKGZadb
18 Jan 2016BLOG: A snapshot of e-commerce in Central AsiaTransportREGADB
10 Jan 2016Tajikistan and IDB plan increased cooperation in trade and infrastructure Trade Facilitation, TransportTAJISDB
10 Jan 2016ADB ready to support deeper economic reforms in TajikistanTransport, Trade FacilitationTAJADB
18 Dec 2015ADB to finance highway construction in UzbekistanTransportAZEAzernews
16 Dec 2015ADB allocates $1.5 billion to support energy, transport, and urban sectorsTransport, EnergyAZEADB
15 Dec 2015TAPI shareholders agreement signed at ground breaking ceremonyEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMADB
14 Dec 2015TAPI: 'Peace pipeline' for South AsiaEnergyTKMNikkei Asian Review
14 Dec 2015ADB offers a railway investment program for AzerbaijanTransportAZEABC.AZ
13 Dec 2015Turkmenistan launches $10 billion gas pipeline to South AsiaEnergyTKMAljazeera
8 Dec 2015New ADB research shows design of special economic zones determines successTrade FacilitationREGADB
7 Dec 2015ADB $1.2 billion grant to support Afghanistan’s energy securityEnergyAFGADB
6 Dec 2015Kazakhstan to launch major transport corridor in a yearTransportKAZTrend News Agency
5 Dec 2015New ‘green’ railway station under construction in AstanaTransportKAZThe Astana Times
4 Dec 2015ADB loan to help improve land border point management for enhanced tradeTrade FacilitationPAKADB
26 Nov 2015From Central to South Asia: Energy ministers strike transmission line accordEnergyAFG, KGZ, PAK, TAJThe Express Tribune
26 Nov 2015ADB $800 million loan to help Pakistan boost power supply and reformsEnergyPAKADB
22 Nov 2015Pakistan could turn into a transit trade hubTrade FacilitationPAK, TAJThe Express Tribune
20 Nov 2015ADB $1.4 billion financing to Help Pakistan resolve power crisisEnergyPAKADB
13 Nov 2015ADB supports Mongolia’s drive to boost food safety, exportsTrade FacilitationMONADB
30 Oct 2015Construction of TAPI pipeline can start in DecemberEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMTrend News Agency
26 Oct 2015TAPI shareholders agreement initialedEnergyAFG, PAKADB
22 Oct 2015ADB, Pakistan sign loan agreement for new section of M-4 motorwayTransportPAKADB
17 Oct 2015ADB to provide Pakistan $1.2 billion annual aid for infrastructureTransportPAKThe Economic Times
13 Oct 2015Austrian company finds gas in Pakistan provinceEnergyPAKThe Nation
12 Oct 2015Trans-Caspian gas pipeline a promising project, says Turkmenistan presidentEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
10 Oct 2015Islamic Development Bank to allocate $70 million to Tajikistan for CASA 1000 projectEnergyTAJAKIpress
9 Oct 2015World Bank improves forecast for Azerbaijan's GDP growthEconomyAZEAzernews
8 Oct 2015IMF improves forecast for Azerbaijan's GDP growthEconomyAZEAzernews
1 Oct 2015Tajikistan, ADB discuss cooperation on enhancement of transportation sectorTransportTAJASIA-Plus
1 Oct 2015ADB, UK to fund M-4 motorway link from Gojra to Shorkot in PunjabTransportPAKADB
30 Sep 2015 ADB-supported pilot road safety project in PRC aims to be model for wider replication in AsiaTransportPRCADB
28 Sep 2015ADB president commends Mongolian efforts to stabilize economyRegional CooperationMONADB
27 Sep 2015CAREC underlines improvement in Mongolia’s business environmentRegional CooperationMONThe UB Post
25 Sep 2015ADB urges CAREC to strengthen regional co-opRegional CooperationREGTrend News Agency
25 Sep 2015ADB president calls for CAREC to boost regional cooperation effortsRegional CooperationREGADB
18 Sep 2015Central Asian cooperation stands at crossroads of new eraTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGADB
18 Sep 2015Rahmon opens rehabilitated highway linking Dushanbe with Uzbekistan border vial Hisor ValleyTransportUZBASIA-Plus
16 Sep 2015Uzbekistan gov't approves feasibility study for Kandym gas projectEnergyUZBAzernews
15 Sep 2015ADB $300 million loan to complete advanced electricity meters rolloutEnergyPAKADB
15 Sep 2015ADB hails completion of TAPI project feasibility studyEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMAzernews
14 Sep 2015Kazakhstan launches energy efficiency projectEnergyKAZWorld Bank
10 Sep 2015Energy efficiency finance focus of EBRD conference in IstanbulEnergyREGEBRD
2 Sep 2015ADB to consider funding for 2nd unit of Jamshoro power plantEnergyPAKPakistan Today
2 Sep 2015Kyrgyz Republic, People's Republic of China sign program of cooperation until 2025Regional CooperationKGZ, PRCInterfax
1 Sep 2015ADB, DFID provide funding for Pakistan economic corridorTransportADB
26 Aug 2015Uzbekistan starts construction of solar plantsEnergyUZBAzernews
25 Aug 2015ADB announces new $1.2 billion annual package for PakistanEnergy, TransportPAKThe Express Tribune
21 Aug 2015Work on TAPI pipeline to begin in DecemberEnergyAFG, PAK, TKMThe Express Tribune
21 Aug 2015ADB $1 billion loan to help Kazakhstan counter economic slowdownEconomyKAZADB
18 Aug 2015ADB interested in TAPI projectEnergyTKM, AFG, PAKAzernews
11 Aug 2015ADB vice president assures Kabul of sustained supportTransportPahjwok Afghan News
7 Aug 2015TAPI steering committee endorses Turkmengaz as consortium leader for gas pipeline projectEnergyAFG, TKM, PAKADB
7 Aug 2015ADB, EBRD, and BSTDB cofinance landmark offshore gas field in AzerbaijanEnergyAZEEBRD
5 Aug 2015EBRD approves new strategy for TajikistanTransport, EnergyTAJEBRD
4 Aug 2015EBRD approves $500 million loan for Russia's Lukoil for Azerbaijan gas fieldEnergyAZEReuters
3 Aug 2015EBRD invests in energy reform and transmission system upgrade in TajikistanEnergyTAJEBRD
3 Aug 2015Kazakhstan plans to increase transit to EuropeTransportKAZTrend News Agency
3 Aug 2015Turkmenistan prepares large gas breakthrough in EuropeEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
3 Aug 2015ADB to fund CAREC investment forumRegional CooperationREGABC.AZ
29 Jul 2015IDB approves around $77 million to fund new development projects Regional CooperationREGIDB
29 Jul 2015ADB ready to direct railway loan to new project in AzerbaijanTransportAZEBloomberg Business
28 Jul 2015ADB likely to provide $262m for improving Wagah, Chaman, and Torkham crossing pointsTrade FacilitationPakistan Today
28 Jul 2015EBRD organizes $300 million syndicated loan for modernization of Kazakhstan railwaysTransportKAZThe Astana Times
27 Jul 2015ADB puts off approval of its first railway project in Azerbaijan until Q3 2016TransportAZEABC.AZ
27 Jul 2015Azerbaijan, Iran to sign new agreement on electric power transmissionEnergyTrend News Agency
23 Jul 2015Afghanistan waives customs duty on Pakistani goodsTrade
23 Jul 2015Turkmenistan implementing gas projects worth $20BEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
21 Jul 2015Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan agree to construct Almaty-Cholpon-Ata highwayTransportKGZ, KAZTrend News Agency
21 Jul 2015South Korea opens up new opportunities to boost transportationTransportMONThe UB Post
20 Jul 2015Construction work started on 700km pipeline from China to
20 Jul 2015Turkmenistan, India to hold talks on TAPI projectEnergyTKMTrend News Agency
20 Jul 2015Japan ready to invest in construction of sea port in TurkmenistanTrade FacilitationTKMTrend News Agency
17 Jul 2015German consortium to consult Uzbekistan on construction of solar plantEnergyUZBUzDaily
10 Jul 2015Tajikistan and Afghanistan presidents agree to develop cooperation between countriesTransport, Energy, Regional CooperationAFG, REGAKIpress
10 Jul 2015Astana ready to expand cooperation with Afghanistan - NazarbayevTransport, Regional CooperationAFG, KAZAKIpress
10 Jul 2015EBRD moves to new address in Astana, KazakhstanRegional CooperationKAZEBRD
1 Jul 2015Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan railway is under constructionTransportAFG, TAJ, TKMTrend News Agency
30 Jun 2015ADB loan to improve urban services, connectivity in Xinjiang border areaTransportPRCADB
30 Jun 2015ADB $220 million aid to help Pakistan build hazard-resilient infrastructureTransportPAKADB
30 Jun 2015Kazakhstan: The buckle in one Belt One RoadTransport, Regional CooperationKAZForbes
29 Jun 2015ADB loan to help improve urban services, environment in Akesu, XinjiangTransportPRCADB
22 Jun 2015Upgraded Tajikistan road improves access to marketsTransportTAJADB
17 Jun 2015ADB grant supports fresh reforms to grow private sector in Kyrgyz RepublicEconomyKGZADB
12 Jun 2015ADB supports improvement of Tajikistan’s border servicesTrade FacilitationTAJAsia-Plus
8 Jun 2015EBRD helps improve district heating in KazakhstanEnergyKAZEBRD
3 Jun 2015Development of transport corridors discussed in TashkentTransportUZBUzDaily
2 Jun 2015ADB operations in Tajikistan remain strongEnergy, TransportTAJADB
2 Jun 2015Regional integration speeds up in Central Asia as outsiders departRegional CooperationREGGlobal Times
1 Jun 2015Renewables the best way to solve Asia's energy dilemmaEnergyADB
29 May 2015EBRD president to visit Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz RepublicRegional CooperationEBRD
26 May 2015Kazakhstan's energy sector sees investment growthEnergyKAZAzernews
22 May 2015EBRD finance brings modern trams to Kazakhstan city of PavlodarTransportKAZEBRD
22 May 2015ADB VP visits Kazakhstan to discuss partnership, attend economic forumRegional CooperationKAZADB
20 May 2015KICB and EBRD support private Kyrgyz chain of petrol stationsEnergyKGZEBRD
15 May 2015Tajikistan and EBRD agree to work on energy reformEnergyTAJEBRD
12 May 2015ADB provides $197 million to develop highway in BalochistanTransportPAKADB
6 May 2015Pakistan-Azerbaijan-Tajikistan agree to fast track CARECRegional CooperationAZE, PAK, TAJPakistan Observer
5 May 2015ADB, Azerbaijan sign $1 billion MOU to upgrade power distribution networkEnergyAZEADB
4 May 2015MFERIT: Transport corridors have important value to the economy of UzbekistanTransportUZBUzReport
30 Apr 2015Keeping the lights on in Kazakhstan’s largest cityEnergyKAZWorld Bank
23 Apr 2015EU firms to undertake joint ventures in Afghanistan, PakistanTrade FacilitationAFG, PAKDaily Times Pakistan
21 Apr 2015Logistics centers can become hubs of freight activity in ChinaTransportPRCWorld Bank
9 Apr 2015IMF approves $92.4 million extended credit facility to support the Kyrgyz RepublicEconomyKGZAKI Press
6 Apr 2015World Bank country manager for Tajikistan visits projects in Sughd OblastTransportWorld Bank
1 Apr 2015ADB annual meeting in Baku to focus on partnership for developmentRegional CooperationADB
29 Mar 2015Afghanistan’s economic recovery: A new horizon for South-South partnerships?Regional Cooperation, TransportAFGInter Press Service
24 Mar 2015Mongolia’s economy to grow less in 2015, weighed down by macroeconomic imbalances - ADBEconomyMONADB
24 Mar 2015Diversifying the economy and structural reforms are key for fighting external shocks in Tajikistan - ADBEconomyADB
18 Mar 2015World Bank continues to support better roads in GeorgiaTransportGEOWorld Bank
2 Mar 2015Japan $3 million grant to support Afghanistan road corridor upgradeTransportAFGADB
25 Feb 2015[FEATURE] Keeping warm: Urban heating options for the Kyrgyz RepublicEnergyKGZWorld Bank
25 Feb 2015World Bank invests in Tajikistan’s regional transport connectivityTransportTAJWorld Bank
16 Feb 2015World Bank provides loan for railway link project in UzbekistanTransportUZBTimes of Central Asia
14 Feb 20157.6 million people in Uzbekistan will benefit from better inter-regional accessibility by railway linkTransportUZBWorld Bank
12 Feb 2015ADB provides $130 million to boost Afghanistan transport networkTransportAFGADB
11 Feb 2015Pakistan finance minister highlights CAREC $23 billion action planTrade FacilitationPAKCustoms Today
29 Jan 2015World Bank supports energy sector development in the Kyrgyz RepublicEnergyWorld Bank
26 Jan 2015World Bank to support Kazakhstan with investments amounting to $6 billionTransportKAZGovernment of the Republic of Kazakhstan
22 Jan 2015China Focus: China, ADB can tap "belt and road" potentialTransportPRCXinhua
15 Jan 2015Road project opens Pakistan valley to touristsTransportPAKADB
15 Jan 2015ADB increases country allocation to Tajikistan by $20 million in 2015TransportTAJADB
15 Jan 2015ADB financing improvement of Bishkek–Torugart road in KyrgyzstanTransportKGZTimes of Central Asia
23 Dec 2014$5 million from EBRD for road works in TajikistanTransportTAJEBRD
23 Dec 2014EBRD provides new funds for energy efficiency in Kyrgyz Republic via KICBEnergyKGZEBRD
19 Dec 2014EBRD invests in expansion of Green for Growth FundEnergyAZEEBRD
15 Dec 2014ADB loans help PRC tackle surge in transport emissionsTransportPRCADB
10 Dec 2014EBRD lends $30 million in tenge for Kazakh rail company EastcomtransTransportKAZEBRD
10 Dec 2014ADB warms up Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region with low carbon, low emissions heatingEnergyPRCADB
3 Dec 2014ADB continues support to improve electricity supply in TajikistanEnergyTAJADB
2 Dec 2014ADB to help modernize Kyrgyz Republic’s largest power plantEnergyKGZADB
21 Nov 2014For the first time in Kyrgyz Republic, EBRD and EU celebrate sustainable energy achievementsRegional CooperationKGZEBRD
21 Nov 2014New TAPI pipeline company holds first board meeting, appoints chairmanEnergyTKM, AFG, PAKADB
17 Nov 2014EBRD president Chakrabati visits TajikistanRegional CooperationTAJEBRD
13 Nov 2014Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India establish landmark TAPI pipeline companyEnergyAFG, TKM, PAKADB
7 Nov 2014CAREC Institute to be headquartered in UrumqiCAREC InstitutePRCBeijing Review
6 Nov 2014Bishkek and Almaty sign memorandum on establishment of “economic corridor”Transport, Trade FacilitationKAZ,
6 Nov 2014ADB president visits Kyrgyz Republic to strengthen partnership, attend CAREC ministerial meetingRegional CooperationKGZADB
6 Nov 2014Almaty and Bishkek ink economic corridor memoRegional CooperationKGZ, KAZSilk Road Reporters
27 Oct 2014Tajikistan: Moderated growth, heightened risksEconomyTAJWorld Bank
23 Oct 2014World Bank Group’s managing director visits Kazakhstan, discusses development priorities and enhanced collaborationRegional CooperationKAZWorld Bank
21 Oct 2014In Kazakhstan: Speeding scientific innovations to marketEconomy, EnergyKAZWorld Bank
20 Oct 2014Kyrgyz Republic and ADB: A bright future for the heart of Central AsiaTransportKGZADB
16 Oct 2014EBRD co-hosts first ever Tajikistan foreign investment conferenceRegional CooperationTAJEBRD
15 Oct 2014In Kazakhstan: Better training for a better economyEconomyKAZWorld Bank
9 Oct 2014EBRD president calls for fresh approach to development bank cooperationRegional Cooperation, EnergyREGEBRD
8 Oct 2014Mongolia's growth cools, aligning with developing Asia and outpacing global averageEconomyMONADB
1 Oct 2014EBRD and Muganbank to boost energy efficiency in AzerbaijanEnergyAZEEBRD
30 Sep 2014EBRD lends 30 billion tenge to Kazakhstan's national railway companyTransportKAZEBRD
29 Sep 2014ADB, Azerbaijan partnership to promote new economic opportunities and inclusive growthTransport, EnergyAZEADB
29 Sep 2014CAREC chooses Azerbaijan, Mongolia as workshop organizers for economic operatorsTrade FacilitationAZE, MONTrend
26 Sep 2014EBRD promotes modern technology in Kazakhstan’s oil sectorEnergyKAZEBRD
18 Sep 2014World Bank introduces new country manager for the Kyrgyz RepublicRegional CooperationKGZWorld Bank
17 Sep 2014ADB president reaffirms support for Pakistan’s development and flood reconstructionEnergyPAKADB
11 Sep 2014Astana school completes energy efficiency upgradeEnergyKAZEBRD
9 Sep 2014Kyrgyz Republic: Rehabilitated road connects people and farms to opportunitiesTransportKGZWorld Bank
2 Sep 2014EBRD invests in hydropower in TajikistanEnergyTAJEBRD
29 Aug 2014ADB operations in Tajikistan ‘successful’ but more attention needed for inclusion and sustainabilityTransport, Trade Policy, EnergyTAJADB
20 Aug 2014EBRD and Demirbank to boost energy efficiency in AzerbaijanEnergyEBRD
1 Aug 2014EBRD and Unibank approve $10 million loan to Azerbaijan oil companyEnergyAZEEBRD
23 Jul 2014US Treasury awards ADB for landmark Afghan railway projectTransportAFGADB
15 Jul 2014ADB loan to give Uzbekistan power plant new lease of lifeEnergyUZBADB
15 Jul 2014Is Turkmenistan the next Central Asian Tiger?Transport, EnergyTKMThe Diplomat
4 Jul 2014EBRD participates in Kazakh Railways EurobondTransportKAZEBRD
2 Jul 2014EBRD lends $5 million for energy efficiency projects in the Kyrgyz RepublicEnergyKGZEBRD
27 Jun 2014Bringing People's Republic of China’s energy efficiency experience to the world: Knowledge exchange with Asian countriesEnergyPRCWorld Bank
11 Jun 2014GEF grant to support ADB Clean Bus Project in People's Republic of ChinaTransport, EnergyPRCADB
10 Jun 2014World Bank Group launches new partnership strategy for TajikistanEconomyTAJWorld Bank
10 Jun 2014EBRD finances modern city lights in AlmatyEnergyKAZEBRD
6 Jun 2014Growth in People's Republic of China moderates with continued economic transformationEconomyPRCWorld Bank
5 Jun 2014EBRD president visits KazakhstanEnergy, EconomyKAZEBRD
4 Jun 2014Energy efficiency financing and delivery mechanisms in KazakhstanEnergyKAZWorld Bank
2 Jun 2014Asian dignitaries turn to Malaysia for green inspirationEnergyREGThe Rakyat Post
27 May 2014ADB project helps Tajikistan maintain vital link to UzbekistanTransportTAJ, UZBADB
23 May 2014EBRD and Kazakhstan agree to historic partnership to boost reform and investmentEconomy, EnergyKAZEBRD
21 May 2014Economic gains prepare Afghanistan for transition yearRegional Cooperation, EconomyAFGIMF
12 May 2014EBRD adopts 2014-2017 Azerbaijan strategyEnergy, EconomyAZEEBRD
6 May 2014Slowdown in emerging markets weighs on Caucasus, Central AsiaEconomy, EnergyREGIMF
5 May 2014Nazarbayev announces plans for new major incentives for foreign investorsRegional CooperationKAZThe Astana Times
5 May 2014Why ASEAN is Mongolia’s best chance for a prosperous futureRegional CooperationMONEconomy Watch
5 May 2014ADB President says Kazakhstan has central role in connecting Asia with changing worldRegional CooperationREGBusiness Standard
4 May 2014Landmark cofinancing accord signed by ADB and KazakhstanTransportKAZADB
4 May 2014Connectivity, regional cooperation key to growth in Central Asia and beyondTransport, Regional Cooperation,
1 May 2014Delegates gather in Astana for Asian Development Bank 47th annual meetingRegional
30 Apr 2014A Transformation: Afghanistan Beyond 2014Regional CooperationAFGUS Department of State
30 Apr 2014North-South railway project aiming for completion late this
24 Apr 2014$400 million loan to help Pakistan end crippling power problemsEnergyPAKADB
22 Apr 2014New World Bank project to increase regional transport connectivity in Central AsiaTransportKGZ, TAJWorld Bank
21 Apr 2014Fresh investment spurs growth of east-west trade along Silk RoadTransport, Trade FacilitationREGInstitutional Investor
7 Apr 2014CAREC countries’ customs services prepare joint plan for regional cooperationTransportREGTrend
4 Apr 2014ADB for removal of transport constraints in CAREC countriesTransportREGBusiness Recorder
3 Apr 2014Building strong cities in the People's Republic of China EconomyPRCADB
2 Apr 2014Accelerated growth projected in Turkmenistan:
1 Apr 2014Moderate growth to continue in People's Republic of China in 2014, 2015EconomyPRCADB
1 Apr 2014Growth in Tajikistan expected to slow in 2014,
28 Mar 2014EBRD finances rolling stock purchase by Kazakh rail company OlzhaTransportKAZEBRD
18 Mar 2014Donors pledge additional $286 million to ADB infrastructure fund for AfghanistanTransportAFGADB
5 Mar 2014ADB president reaffirms long-term support for AfghanistanRegional CooperationAFGADB
27 Feb 2014Multimodal transport to spur economic growth in Central People's Republic of ChinaTransportPRCADB
27 Feb 2014EBRD finances further development of Azeri offshore gas fieldEnergyAZEEBRD
12 Feb 2014ADB provides $900 million for Jamshoro Power ProjectEnergyPAKADB
12 Feb 2014Tajikistan to improve investment climate via ADB, Japan supportTrade
10 Feb 2014World Bank vice president for Europe and Central Asia visits UzbekistanRegional CooperationUZBWorld Bank
27 Jan 2014EBRD appoints new head of Dushanbe officeRegional CooperationTAJEBRD
23 Jan 2014Technology commercialization for an innovative economy in KazakhstanEconomyKAZWorld Bank
17 Jan 2014ADB helps to complete the Bishkek-Osh Road a key regional
30 Dec 2013New EBRD strategy for KazakhstanEconomyKAZEBRD
28 Dec 2013ADB starts project to support goods and people transit through CAREC bordersTrade
17 Dec 2013ADB approves $167.2 million to improve power distribution in PakistanEnergyPAKADB
13 Dec 2013ADB assistance to bring improvements to Ulaanbaatar’s “ger”’ areasTransportMONADB
4 Dec 2013IMF approves additional disbursement for Kyrgyz RepublicRegional CooperationKGZIMF
26 Nov 2013ADB power project to boost Afghanistan North-South LinkEnergyAFGADB
22 Nov 2013ADB to help Uzbekistan build Central Asia's first solar power plantEnergyUZBADB
24 Oct 2013CAREC to support key new routes to boost regional
23 Oct 2013ADB president meets Kazakhstan prime minister, attends CAREC conferenceRegional
10 Oct 2013PRC's Inner Mongolia to upgrade major highway to support trade and tourismTransportPRCADB
5 Sep 2013CAREC member countries change their Energy Work PlanEnergyREGABC.AZ
7 Aug 2013Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan ask World Bank to finance Osh-Khujand road corridorTransportKGZ, TAJThe Times of Central Asia
31 Jul 2013ADB launches new partnership with the Kyrgyz RepublicRegional
2 Jul 2013Representatives of Central Asian countries discuss implementation of CAREC ProgramRegional
28 Jun 2013Central Asia officials meet to discuss implementation of CAREC ProgramRegional
20 Jun 2013In the Kyrgyz Republic, a new road ties trade and towns togetherTransportKGZWorld Bank
11 Jun 2013Tasks on energy cooperation in Central Asia for 2013 setEnergyTKMABC.AZ
10 Jun 2013CAREC member states launched energy action plan for 2013-2015 (in Russian)
7 Jun 2013Central Asia energy projects to be discussed in Turkmenistan's capitalEnergyTKMTrend
27 May 2013ADB allots $220 million to Uzbekistan for highway constructionTransportUZBAzerNews
23 May 2013Kyrgyzstan, ADB sign agreement on Kyrgyz-Tajik border services improvementsTrade FacilitationKGZThe Times of Central Asia
20 May 2013Central Asian states pursue railroads to AfghanistanTransportAFGBusiness New Europe
29 Apr 2013ADB to grant Kyrgyzstan $1M for rehabilitation of Bishkek-Osh
23 Apr 2013ADB assistance tops $21.5-B in 2012Regional
10 Apr 2013US forum tackles Azerbaijan's role in Afghanistan economic development (in Russian)
26 Mar 2013Uzbek government to spend nearly $590M on road constructionTransportUZBCentral Asia Newswire
13 Feb 2013World Bank vice president Laura Tuck visits the Kyrgyz RepublicRegional CooperationKGZWorld Bank
28 Nov 2012Uzbekistan to invest $100 million in national highway system by 2015TransportUZBCentral Asia Newswire
22 Nov 2012Prime Minister attended the opening ceremony for the roads "Osh-Sary-Tash-Irkeshtam" and "Sary-Tash-Karamyk" (in Russian)TransportKGZKABAR
15 Nov 2012ADB prepare partnership strategy between Kyrgyzstan and ADB for 2013-2017EconomyKGZKABAR
7 Nov 2012Inclusive growth - basis for Central Asian countries' economic developmentRegional Cooperation, TransportREGKazinform
1 Nov 2012PRC, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan are candidates to host CAREC Institute (in Russian)CAREC InstituteAZE, KAZ,
1 Nov 2012ADB: CAREC to implement infrastructure projects in Central AsiaTransportREGBernama
31 Oct 2012CAREC aims for further development in the next 10 years (in Russian)Regional CooperationREGPeople's Daily Online
31 Oct 2012CAREC countries agreed on 68 priority transport projects (in Russian)TransportREGKazakhstan Today
31 Oct 2012CAREC Ministers agree on $23 bln action plan to boost Central Asia linksTransportREGKazakhstan Today
31 Oct 2012CAREC agrees on $23bn action planTransportREGDaily Times
31 Oct 201211th CAREC Ministerial Conference opens in WuhanRegional CooperationREGKazinform
31 Oct 2012CAREC ministers forge $23 billion action planTransportREGCentral Asia Newswire
30 Oct 2012Ministers of CAREC member countries agreed on $23 bn project implementation plan (in Russian)
30 Oct 2012PRC: Kazakhstan will hold the next CAREC Ministerial Meeting in autumn 2013 (in Russian)Regional
30 Oct 201211th Ministerial Conference of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC), Wuhan, China (in Russian)Regional
30 Oct 2012CAREC program to be institute by 2014Transport, Trade FacilitationREGTrend
30 Oct 2012CAREC ministers agree on $23 billion action plan to boost Central Asian linksTransport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyREGADB
29 Oct 2012Kazakhstan delegation is participating in XI CAREC Ministerial Conference, opens in PRC (in Russian)Regional CooperationKAZKazakh Telegraph Agency
25 Oct 2012Regional energy, connectivity issues to be discussed during CAREC conferenceTransport, EnergyREGADB
24 Oct 2012Kyrgyzstan will take part in the 11th Ministerial Conference in ChinaRegional CooperationKGZKABAR
24 Oct 2012Kyrgyz Minister of Economy is taking part in the 11th CAREC Ministerial Conference in ChinaTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyKGZKABAR
24 Oct 2012Regional program boosts Central Asian development: expertRegional CooperationREGKazinform
24 Oct 2012CAREC ministers to gather in PRC to chart way forward for the regionRegional Cooperation, TransportREGADB
24 Oct 2012Afghanistan connects through CAREC road and railway corridorsTransportAFGADB
24 Oct 2012CAREC Ministerial Conference opens in People's Republic of ChinaTransportAZEADB
24 Oct 2012Kazakhstan develops Silk Road network through CARECTransportKAZADB
24 Oct 2012Kyrgyz Republic to participate in 11th Ministerial ConferenceTransportKGZADB
24 Oct 2012Tajikistan improves connectivity and increases trade with CAREC supportTransport, Trade FacilitationTAJADB
24 Oct 2012CAREC countries to discuss cooperation development ways in region till 2020Regional CooperationREGTrend
16 Oct 2012ADB approves technical assistance to development of transport corridors within CARECTransportREGTrend
12 Oct 2012A loan agreement on the East-West Roads Project signed between Kazakhstan, World BankTransportKAZKazinform
12 Oct 2012Kazakhstan and World Bank sign loan agreementTransportKAZKazinform
19 Sep 2012ADB to invest $1.6 billion in Kazakh economyEconomyKAZCentral Asia Newswire
13 Sep 2012Tajikistan garners $100 million from ADB to rebuild road to UzbekistanTransportTAJ, UZBCentral Asia Newswire
12 Sep 2012ADB to upgrade CAREC road in northern TajikistanTransportTAJADB
30 Jul 2012EBRD invests $35 million in Tajik Trans-Asia highwayTransportTAJCentral Asia Newswire
27 Jul 2012EBRD invests 35 million dollars into trans-Asian highwayTransportTAJTrend
27 Jul 2012Key link in the road from Tajikistan to the worldTransportTAJEBRD
11 Jul 2012CAREC countries offer to simplify transport and trade proceduresTransport, Trade FacilitationREGTrend
11 Jul 2012CAREC officials discuss cross-border transport arrangementsTransport, Trade FacilitationREGADB
11 Jul 2012CAREC officials discuss cross-border transport arrangementsTransport, Trade FacilitationREGAsia-Plus
21 Jun 2012Central Asia Officials Meet to Map Implementation of CAREC 2020Regional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGADB
21 Jun 2012Central Asia Officials Meet to Map Implementation of CAREC 2020Regional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGAsia-Plus
21 Jun 2012Implementation of CAREC 2020 Reviewed in ChinaRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGCentral Asia News Service
19 Jun 2012CAREC Region Introduces Own Indices of Trade Liberalization and Institutional QualityRegional Cooperation, Trade FacilitationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
11 Jun 2012On 28 September ADB to Approve a Phenomenal $800 Million Loan for AzerbaijanTransportAZEAzerbaijan Business Center
10 Jun 2012CAREC Senior Officials (SOM) MeetingRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGMinistry of Finance, Afghanistan
24 May 2012Uzbekistan to begin reconstruction of road worth $211 mlnTransportUZBTrend
23 May 2012CAREC Creates Its Own Net of Carriers and ForwardersTrade FacilitationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
23 May 2012CAREC States Create Customs IntelligenceTrade FacilitationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
17 May 2012US Supports Cross-Border Transport Agreement between Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and AfghanistanRegional Cooperation, TransportAFG, KGZ, TAJAsia-Plus
7 May 2012Azerbaijan to assign $6bn to CAREC transport corridor developmentTransportAZENews.Az
7 May 2012Azerbaijan to direct about $6 bln to development of CAREC Transport CorridorTransportAZETrend
7 May 2012ADB Agrees to Hold a General Meeting in Baku in 2015Regional CooperationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
30 Apr 2012Central Asia and Afghanistan after 2014Regional Cooperation, EconomyREG, AFGCentral Asia Newswire
26 Apr 2012ADB lauds success of Uzbek programs in annual reportTransport, EconomyUZBCentral Asia Newswire
11 Apr 2012ADB plans to approve second multitrance package to develop road network in AzerbaijanTransportAZETrend
4 Apr 2012NDN [Northern Distribution Network] can help Central Asia flourish post-2014Regional Cooperation, TransportREGCentral Asia Newswire
20 Mar 2012Tajikistan to Participate in ADB Conference on Regional CooperationRegional CooperationTAJAsia-Plus
1 Mar 2012Local SEZs [special economic zones] face substantial challengesTransportREGCentral Asia Newswire
29 Feb 2012CAREC Joins to Boosting Members in WTOTrade PolicyREGAzerbaijan Business Center
30 Jan 2012Work on Upgrading Dushanbe-Uzbek Border Highway to Begin when Weather PermitsTransportTAJAsia-Plus
20 Jan 2012IDB will complete the construction of Taraz-Talas-Suusamyr highway, earlier than it was plannedTransportKGZKABAR
18 Jan 2012ADB notes faster-than-expected Kyrgyz recoveryEconomyKGZCentral Asia Newswire
16 Jan 2012Kazakhstan ratifies agreement with ADB on financing reconstruction of CAREC 2 RoadTransportKAZTrend
26 Nov 2011ADB President: Economic Growth in Greater in Central Asia Should be More InclusiveRegional Cooperation, EconomyREGAzerbaijan Business Center
25 Nov 2011EBRD, Asian Development Bank strengthen tiesRegional CooperationREGKABAR
25 Nov 2011French Development Agency to finance energy projects in AzerbaijanEnergyAZETrend
25 Nov 2011Development Partners Commit to Support CAREC 2020Regional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGAsia-Plus
24 Nov 2011Central Asian, Azerbaijani ministers agree to boost cooperationRegional CooperationREGNews.Az
24 Nov 2011President: Azerbaijan does much work on main directions of CARECRegional Cooperation, Transport, EnergyAZETrend
24 Nov 2011President Ilham Aliyeve receives participants of CAREC Ministerial ConferenceRegional CooperationREGTrend
24 Nov 2011ADB discusses priority projects for subsequent years with AzerbaijanEconomyAZETrend
24 Nov 2011Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline and Caspian Oil Transport System Can Become CAREC PartRegional Cooperation, EnergyREGAzerbaijan Business Center
23 Nov 2011ADB President on visit to AzerbaijanRegional CooperationREGNews.Az
23 Nov 2011Azerbaijan attaches special importance to regional cooperation - PresidentRegional CooperationAZENews.Az
23 Nov 2011Ilham Aliyev, Asian Bank chief discuss CAREC cooperationRegional CooperationREGNews.Az
23 Nov 2011The place in-between: Supporting Afghanistan's transitionEconomy, TransportAFGCentral Asia Newswire
23 Nov 2011Trade between CAREC program countries can grow 13 times to 2017Regional Cooperation, Trade FacilitationREGTrend
23 Nov 2011$50 billion CAREC 2020 Strategy approved in BakuRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyREGTrend
23 Nov 2011CAREC Countries Start Forming Economic Corridors within CAREC 2020Regional Cooperation, TransportREGAzerbaijan Business Center
23 Nov 2011Countries of Greater Central Asia Simplify Border ControlTrade FacilitationREGAzerbaijan Business Center
23 Nov 2011Regional Cooperation on Track as CAREC Endorses 10-year StrategyRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGADB
22 Nov 2011Baku hosts preparatory meeting for CAREC Ministerial ConferenceRegional CooperationREGNews.Az
22 Nov 2011Conference to highlight CAREC 2020 programmeRegional CooperationREGTrend
21 Nov 2011EBRD, ADB agree on public–private partnerships in the Caucasus and Central AsiaRegional CooperationREGTrend
21 Nov 2011Modern "Silk Road" Brings Prosperity across Central Asia: CAREC at 10-Connectivity and Trade for ProsperityRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyREGADB
21 Nov 2011ADB, EBRD Strengthen Ties in Caucasus and Central AsiaRegional CooperationREGADB
21 Nov 2011EBRD, Asian Development Bank Strengthen TiesRegional CooperationREGEBRD
18 Nov 2011CAREC Ministers Celebrate a Decade of CooperationRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGAsia-Plus
18 Nov 2011CAREC Ministers Celebrate a Decade of CooperationRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyREGADB
17 Nov 2011Azerbaijan hosts 10th anniversary CAREC ministerial conferenceRegional CooperationREGNews.Az
17 Nov 2011Azerbaijan invests about $3 bln in CAREC-related projectsRegional Cooperation, TransportAZETrend
8 Nov 2011Rehabilitation of Dushanbe-Tursunzoda Highway StartsTransportTAJAsia-Plus
25 Oct 2011Journalists Visit CAREC Highway Project in TajikistanTransportTAJAsia-Plus
5 Oct 2011EBRD and Kazakhstan Support Emergency Response for Oil and Gas OperationsEnergyKAZEBRD
29 Sep 2011ADB-Funded Uzbekistan Rail Project to Accelerate Regional TradeTransportUZBADB
20 Sep 2011ADB Adds $754 Million to Infrastructure Projects in Afghan Road and Rail SectorTransportAFGADB
20 Sep 2011ADB Funds Smart Electricity Meters to Boost Energy Efficiency in UzbekistanEnergyUZBADB
19 Sep 2011ADB: Azerbaijan leads among CAREC countries for customs modernizationTrade FacilitationAZETrend
15 Sep 2011Tajikistan will Successfully Cope with Effects of Global Financial Crisis, Says ADB OfficialEconomyTAJAsia-Plus
30 Aug 2011Afghanistan to join Central Asian cross-border transport agreementTransportAFGCentral Asia Newswire
30 Aug 2011Afghanistan joins Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic Cross-Border Transport AccordTransport, Trade FacilitationAFG, KGZ, TAJTrend
29 Aug 2011Uzbek freight line to Afghanistan begins operationsTransportAFG, UZBCentral Asia Newswire
29 Aug 2011Afghanistan Joins Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic Cross-Border Transport AccordTransport, Regional CooperationAFG, KGZ, TAJADB
23 Aug 2011ADB to help finance construction of Uzbek RoadsTransportUZBCentral Asia Newswire
23 Aug 2011ADB to support Uzbekistan road improvementTransportUZBTrend
23 Aug 2011ADB $500 Million Investment Program Aids Uzbekistan's Push for Increased Trade, GrowthTransportUZBADB
4 Aug 2011ADB to allocate $1 billion to Azerbaijan during three yearsEconomyAZETrend
20 Jul 2011Rehabilitation of Road Linking Dushanbe with Uzbek Border via Tursunzoda to Start SoonTransportTAJAsia-Plus
29 Jun 2011Law on ratification of agreement on transboundary movement between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan signedTrade FacilitationKGZ, TAJKABAR
28 Jun 2011World Bank Supports Integration of Southern KyrgyzstanTransportKGZWorld Bank
24 Jun 2011ADB approves business plan for AzerbaijanTransport, EnergyAZETrend
10 Jun 2011EBRD Finances Energy Distribution System in TajikistanEnergyTAJEBRD
8 Jun 2011ADB to provide $55 million for Kyrgyzstan-[People's Republic of] China highwayTransportPRC, KGZCentral Asia Newswire
8 Jun 2011$55 Million ADB Loan for CAREC Highway Linking Kyrgyz Republic and PRCTransportPRC, KGZADB
8 Jun 2011CAREC 2020: Boosting Trade, Transport, and Energy in Central AsiaRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyREGADB
7 Jun 2011Program coordinator in Azerbaijan: Global crisis not weaken realization of CARECTransport, Trade Facilitation, EnergyAZETrend
6 Jun 201114th Trade Policy Coordinating Committee meeting kicks off in BakuTrade PolicyREGTrend
31 May 2011Baku to host next meeting within CARECRegional CooperationREGTrend
23 May 2011Central Asian energy meeting opens in BakuEnergyREGNews.Az
23 May 2011Azerbaijani government ready to support CAREC initiativeEnergyREGTrend
20 May 2011EBRD Finances Power Transmission in KazakhstanEnergyKAZEBRD
17 May 2011World Bank Supports Integrated District Heating Project to Improve Air Quality for 2.3 Million Urumqi ResidentsEnergyPRCWorld Bank
17 May 2011EBRD Supports Energy Efficiency Plan for Kazakh RailwaysTransportKAZEBRD
21 Apr 2011EBRD Extends Trade Finance Facility to VTB KazakhstanTrade FacilitationKAZEBRD
11 Apr 2011UAIS to be Fully Introduced in Tajikistan by October this YearTrade FacilitationTAJAsia-Plus
28 Mar 2011EBRD Finances Two District Heating Networks in KazakhstanEnergyKAZEBRD
17 Mar 2011Tajikistan Ratifies Cross-Border Transport Agreement with KyrgyzstanRegional Cooperation, TransportKGZ, TAJAsia-Plus
15 Mar 2011Turkmenistan Gets First ADB Loan for Regional Rail LinkTransportTKMADB
15 Mar 2011World Bank Financing to Help Over 4 Million Uzbekistan Citizens Get Improved Electricity SupplyEnergyUZBWorld Bank
28 Feb 2011EBRD Extends Energy Efficiency Investments in KazakhstanEnergyKAZEBRD
18 Feb 2011CAREC Supports Networking and Builds Capacity of Carrier and Forwarder AssociationsTrade FacilitationREGAsia-Plus
28 Jan 2011Tender for Rehabilitation of Dushanbe-Uzbek Border Road to be Announced in FebruaryTransportTAJAsia-Plus
25 Jan 2011Azerbaijan to attend meeting of CAREC Transport and Trade Facilitation CommitteeTransport, Trade FacilitationREGNews.Az
25 Jan 2011Azerbaijani Transport Ministry to attend committee meeting within CARECTransportREGTrend
21 Jan 2011ADB to Upgrade CAREC Road Linking Tajik Capital to Uzbek BorderTransportTAJAsia-Plus
20 Jan 2011ADB to upgrade pivotal Dushanbe-to-Uzbekistan highwayTransportTAJ, UZBCentral Asia Newswire
20 Jan 2011ADB to Upgrade CAREC Road Linking Tajik Capital to Uzbek BorderTransportTAJADB
17 Jan 2011Int'l organizations help Dushanbe boost energy efficiencyEnergyTAJCentral Asia Newswire
17 Jan 2011ADB Provides $340 Million to Complete Afghan Ring RoadTransportAFGADB
14 Jan 2011ADB Lays Groundwork for Easier Border Crossing in Central AsiaTrade FacilitationREGADB
2 Dec 2010Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan sign trans-border trade agreementTransport, Trade FacilitationKGZ, TAJCentral Asia Newswire
2 Dec 2010Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan agreed on transboundary movementTransport, Trade FacilitationKGZ, TAJTrend
2 Dec 2010Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan Sign Cross-Border Transport Agreement Under CARECTransport, Trade FacilitationKGZ, TAJADB
1 Dec 2010EBRD to Support Railway Transport Reform in KazakhstanTransportKAZEBRD
16 Nov 2010World Bank Supports a Safe and Reliable Electricity Supply in KazakhstanEnergyKAZWorld Bank
4 Nov 2010CAREC takes Pakistan and Turkmenistan into its loopRegional CooperationPAK, TKMKABAR
2 Nov 2010Turkmenistan and Pakistan Join CAREC as Central Asia Partnership Looks to 2020Regional CooperationREGADB
29 Oct 2010Dushanbe-Kyrgyz Border Highway to Help Tajikistan Become a Major Crossroad for International TradeTransportTAJAsia-Plus
29 Oct 2010Tajik Delegation to Attend CAREC Ministerial Conference in CebuRegional Cooperation, Transport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyREGAsia-Plus
29 Oct 2010Expanding CAREC Takes Stock of a Decade of CooperationRegional CooperationREGADB
26 Oct 2010Tajikistan Highway Project Enters Final PhaseTransportTAJAsia-Plus
15 Oct 2010Feasibility Study for Dushanbe-Tursunzoda Road Rehabilitation Project to be Finished by NovemberTransportTAJAsia-Plus
15 Oct 2010EBRD Launches a Series of Projects to Support Public Transport Reform in KazakhstanTransportKAZEBRD
4 Oct 2010EBRD Silk Road trade finance forum held in KievTrade FacilitationREGEBRD
30 Sep 2010World Bank Provides Additional Financing to the National Road Rehabilitation Project in the Kyrgyz RepublicTransportKGZWorld Bank
28 Sep 2010ADB to provide $800 million loan for Kazakh road developmentTransportKAZCentral Asia Newswire
28 Sep 2010Kazakhstan to Get $800 Million from ADB to Improve Roads, Boost Regional TradeTransportKAZADB
26 Sep 2010Mongolia’s journey towards renewable energyEnergyMONEBRD
16 Aug 2010ADB $122 Million Grant to Bolster Tajikistan's Energy Security, TradeEnergyTAJADB
29 Jul 2010Public-Private Partnerships Can Unlock Central Asia's Vast Potential - ADBRegional CooperationREGADB
28 Jul 2010Armenian Economy Minister to participate in CAREC conferenceEconomyREGNews.Az
23 Jul 2010Tajikistan to Participate in ADB-supported Regional Business Development ForumRegional CooperationREGAsia-Plus
13 Jul 2010One window principle in customs sphere justified in AzerbaijanTrade FacilitationAZENews.Az
12 Jul 2010Committee head: 'Single window' introduced in Azerbaijani customs justifies itselfTrade FacilitationREGTrend
25 May 2010ADB President Inaugurates Rail Line Linking Afghanistan to Central AsiaTransportAFGADB
4 May 2010CAREC Program Helping Bolster Regional Ties in Central Asia: ADBRegional CooperationREGADB
4 May 2010World Customs Organization, ADB Boost Partnership for Trade FacilitationTrade FacilitationREGADB
3 May 2010Azerbaijan developing rapidlyEconomyAZENews.Az
2 May 2010ADB Signs First Trade Finance Agreements in UzbekistanTrade FacilitationUZBADB
1 May 2010ADB Signs $350 Million Loan to help Uzbekistan Boost Energy EfficiencyEnergyUZBADB
28 Apr 2010ADB Expands Trade Finance Program in AzerbaijanTrade FacilitationAZEADB
21 Apr 2010$600 million ADB loan to develop regional highwaysTransportKAZ, UZBCentral Asia Newswire
20 Apr 2010ADB to Provide $600 Million to Improve Key Uzbekistan Road CorridorTransportUZBADB
7 Apr 2010Three Tajik Officials Participate in CAREC Institute Executive Leadership Development ProgramCAREC InstituteREGAsia-Plus
30 Mar 2010Kazakhstan's Rail SectorTransportKAZEBRD
24 Mar 2010Mongolian Banks Sign Up to ADB's Trade Finance Facilitation ProgramTrade FacilitationMONADB
25 Feb 2010ADB Official Satisfied with Measures Taken by Tajikistan to Mitigate Effects of Global CrisisEconomyTAJAsia-Plus
24 Feb 2010Central Asia Cooperation organization outlines transport, trade program for 2010Transport, Trade FacilitationAZENews.Az
24 Feb 2010CAREC Ready to Undertake All Efforts to Support Tajikistan’s Initiatives, Says ADB OfficialTransport, Trade Facilitation, Trade Policy, EnergyTAJAsia-Plus
16 Feb 2010ADB Commends Uzbekistan for Promoting Central Asia Regional CooperationRegional CooperationREGADB
17 Dec 2009Salkhit Wind FarmEnergyMONEBRD
29 Nov 2009Poor Road Safety Conditions Threaten Economic and Social Well-being of Europe and Central Asia CountriesTransportREGWorld Bank
19 Nov 2009The World Bank Continues Support to the Energy Sector in the Kyrgyz RepublicEnergyKGZWorld Bank
3 Nov 2009World Bank Supports Rehabilitation of the Osh-Batken-Isfana RoadTransportKGZWorld Bank
23 Oct 2009Azerbaijan proposes to extend transport corridor within CARECTransportREGTrend
16 Oct 2009Central Asian Governments Endorse Plans to Boost Integration, TradeRegional Cooperation, Trade FacilitationREGADB
14 Oct 2009Central Asian Nations Gather in Ulaanbaatar for 8th CAREC Ministerial MeetingRegional CooperationREGADB
14 Oct 2009ADB President Calls for More Investment, Cooperation, to Improve CAREC Trade Logistics SystemRegional Cooperation, Trade FacilitationREGADB
1 Oct 2009Launch of Atyrau-Aktau RoadTransportKAZEBRD
30 Sep 2009ADB-Funded Railway to Help Afghanistan Improve Regional Links, Boost GrowthTransportAFGADB
15 Sep 2009World Bank Supports Improved and Increased Supply of Electricity to Southern Regions of KazakhstanEnergyKAZWorld Bank
16 Jul 2009ADB Extends $50 Million to Improve Key Road Corridor in Kyrgyz RepublicTransportKGZADB
24 Jun 2009World Bank Approves Additional Financing for Azerbaijan's Highway ProgramTransportAZEWorld Bank
25 May 2009New Transmission Line Brings Stable Power Supply to Kabul for First Time in DecadesEnergyAFGADB
8 May 2009Afghanistan, Pakistan Pledge Support for Electricity Trade Project with Central AsiaEnergyREGWorld Bank
30 Apr 2009World Bank Supports Improved Transport Efficiency and Safety in KazakhstanTransportKAZWorld Bank
28 Apr 2009Boost for Afghan Plan to Develop Railway SystemTransportAFGADB
20 Feb 2009Another Azerbaijan-WTO negotiations may take place in the first half of year: deputy ministerTrade PolicyAZETrend
22 Nov 2008ADB considers investment programs in conditions of global financial crisisTransport, EnergyAZETrend
18 Aug 2008Another meeting by Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation expected in Baku on 25,26 SeptemberRegional CooperationREGTrend
11 Jun 2008CAREC countries discuss strategy on assistance to regional trade and transportTransport, Trade FacilitationREGTrend
12 May 2008Electricity transit from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan via Azerbaijan seems possible: Azerbaijani ministerEnergyAZE, KAZ, TKMTrend
31 Oct 2007Regional cooperation essential to economic growth in Central AsiaRegional CooperationREGTrend
11 Jul 2007CAREC prefers transit via KazakhstanTransportREGTrend
9 Apr 2007Regional economic co-operation institute to be created in Central Asia to strengthen CAREC Program activitiesRegional Cooperation, CAREC InstituteREGTrend
5 Mar 2007Development of CAREC action plan set up in AzerbaijanRegional CooperationREGTrend
12 Oct 2006First CAREC forum for business development to take place in Urumqi on 16Regional Cooperation, EconomyREGTrend
23 Sep 2006ADB, IMF hold workshop under CAREC in BakuTrade FacilitationREGTrend
5 Nov 2005Azeri delegation to participate in 4th conference of CARECRegional CooperationREGTrend
30 Nov 1999EBRD finances further development of Azeri offshore gas fieldEnergyEBRD
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