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16th CAREC Customs Cooperation Committee Meeting19-20 Sep 2017Dushanbe, Tajikistan CCCTrade Facilitation
15th CAREC Customs Cooperation Committee (CCC) Meeting and Private Sector Dialogue with the CCC21-22 Sep 2016SingaporeCCCTrade Facilitation
14th Customs Cooperation Committee Meeting21-25 Aug 2015Ulaanbaatar, MongoliaCCCTrade Facilitation
13th CAREC Customs Cooperation Committee Meeting22-23 Sep 2014Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyz RepublicCCCTrade Facilitation
Joint CAREC Transport Sector Coordinating and Customs Cooperation Committees Meeting19-20 Sep 2013Astana, KazakhstanTSCC, CCCTransport, Trade Facilitation
12th CAREC Customs Cooperation Committee Meeting18 Sep 2013Astana, KazakhstanCCCTrade Facilitation
11th CAREC Customs Cooperation Committee Meeting23-25 Oct 2012Chengdu, PRCCCCTrade Facilitation
10th CAREC Customs Cooperation Committee Meeting19-21 Sep 2011Baku, AzerbaijanCCCTrade Facilitation
9th Customs Cooperation Committee Meeting6-10 Sep 2010Tokyo, JapanCCCTrade Facilitation
CAREC Consultative Meeting on Regional Joint Transport and Trade Facilitation Committee15 Oct 2009Ulaanbaatar, MongoliaTSCC, CCCTransport, Trade Facilitation
8th Customs Cooperation Committee Meeting (CCC)15-16 Sep 2009Dushanbe, TajikistanCCCTrade Facilitation
Seventh Customs Cooperation Committee Meeting8-9 Sep 2008Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyz RepublicCCCTrade Facilitation
Joint Meeting of the Transport Sector Coordinating Committee and Trade Facilitation/Customs Cooperation Committee on Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) 11-12 Jun 2008Baku, AzerbaijanTSCC, CCCTransport, Trade Facilitation
Trade Facilitation and Customs Cooperation Committee Meeting 6-7 Sep 2007Manila, PhilippinesCCCTrade Facilitation
Fifth Meeting of the Customs Cooperation Committee11-13 Oct 2006Astana, KazakhstanCCCTrade Facilitation
Fourth Meeting of the Customs Cooperation Committee7-9 Sep 2005Ulaanbaatar, MongoliaCCCTrade Facilitation
Third Meeting of the Customs Cooperation Committee1-3 Dec 2004Baku, AzerbaijanCCCTrade Facilitation
Second Meeting of the Customs Cooperation Committee9-10 Oct 2003Tashkent, UzbekistanCCCTrade Facilitation
Customs Cooperation Committee Regional Workshop on Risk Management and Post-Entry Audit9-12 Sep 2003Urumqi, PRCCCCTrade Facilitation
Customs Cooperation Committee Regional Seminar on Trade Facilitation and Customs Modernization4-8 Aug 2003Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyz RepublicCCCTrade Facilitation
Customs Cooperation Committee Working Group Meeting21-25 Apr 2003Almaty, KazakhstanCCCTrade Facilitation
First Meeting of the Customs Cooperation Committee20-21 Aug 2002Urumqi, PRCCCCTrade Facilitation
Central Asia Customs Cooperation Meeting30-31 Jan 2002Manila, PhilippinesCCCTrade Facilitation
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