CAREC Senior Officials' Meeting

Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China: 6-7 June 2012

More than 100 participants from ministries and government agencies of the 10 CAREC member countries, and from four multilateral institution partners, attended the mid-year CAREC Senior Officials’ Meeting. They discussed

  • national actions taken so far by CAREC countries to implement the new 10-year CAREC Strategic Framework (CAREC 2020);
  • the proposed CAREC Institute Strategic Knowledge Framework and draft concept of a Corridor Development Study;
  • progress in CAREC’s priority sectors, CAREC corridor performance measures, and the development effectiveness review for 2011; and
  • the proposed theme and structure of the 11th CAREC Ministerial Conference in late October.

Mr. Wencai Zhang, Deputy Director General, International Department, Ministry of Finance, PRC, and CAREC National Focal Point chaired the SOM. He was assisted by Mr. Klaus Gerhaeusser, Director General, Central and West Asia Department (CWRD), Asian Development Bank (ADB); Mr. Robert Wihtol, Director General, East Asia Department, ADB; and Mr. Sean O’Sullivan, Deputy Director General, CWRD, ADB.

Key Documents
Agenda | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Summary of Proceedings | РУССКИЙ | 中文

CAREC Institute 2012-2017: A Strategic Knowledge Framework | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Transport Sector Progress Report and Work Plan (November 2011-March 2012) | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Energy Sector Progress Report (2011-2012) | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Trade Facilitation Program Progress Report and Work Plan (2011-2012) | РУССКИЙ | 中文
Trade Policy Sector Progress Report and Work Plan (2011-2012) | РУССКИЙ | 中文
2011 Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program Development Effectiveness Review: CAREC 2020—Focus, Action, Results
· Main Report | РУССКИЙ | 中文
· Synopsis | РУССКИЙ | 中文
CAREC Corridor Performance Measurement and Monitoring Annual Report 2011
A Pilot Study on CAREC Corridor Development: A Concept Note | РУССКИЙ | 中文
11th Ministerial Conference Proposed Theme and Structure | РУССКИЙ | 中文

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