Project Details
Naryn Area-Based Development Programme
Country:Kyrgyz Republic
Summary:The goal of the program is to reduce poverty in Naryn province through the creation of conditions for balanced and sustainable socioeconomic development that will benefit around 30,000 people from vulnerable groups.
Expected Outcome:The program will support national and local institutions, in several districts of the province, in creating an enabling environment for business development, as well as the development and implementation of projects for socioeconomic development.

Local communities, farmers and small and medium-sized businesses will participate in the implementation of the projects.

Expected Outputs:The main components of the program are (i) development of agricultural business, (ii) improvement of vocational education, (iii) and support for local initiatives through small grants funds.
Date Approved:2013
Expected Completion:2015
Funding Type:Technical Assistance
Funding Amount:United Nations Development Programme: $249,000
Government of the Russian Federation: $1,449,000
Links/Documents:PRESS RELEASE: Area-based development programme funded by Russia benefits 30,000 people of Naryn