Project Details
Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS and Other Communicable Diseases in CAREC Countries
Summary:The technical assistance (TA) aimed to contribute to regional health security by strengthening implementation of the International Health Regulations (IHR) in Central Asia and support the implementation of the European HIV/AIDS Action Plan.
Expected Outcome:Strengthened core capacity for surveillance and response to communicable diseases in pilot countries in line with IHR
Expected Outputs:
  • Mapping of communicable disease vulnerability and response conducted in each participating country
  • Improved and standardized communicable disease surveillance and control in participating countries
  • Improved coordination and collaboration among participating countries and development partners in planning for and responding to communicable diseases

The planned activities under the abovementioned output areas were not implemented with the cancellation of the TA.

Date Approved:2013
Expected Completion:2016
Funding Type:Technical Assistance
Funding Amount:People's Republic of China (PRC) Regional Cooperation and Poverty Reduction Fund: $300,000
Shared: $1,500,000 (Cooperation Fund for Fighting HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific)
Links/Documents:TA Completion Report