Project Details
TSA Air Navigation Systems
Summary:The project involves
  • replacement of ageing equipment for air navigation services,
  • implementation of reform in the aviation sector, and
  • corporate restructuring of Tajikistan State Air.
Expected Outcome:The project will modernize Tajikistan's ageing air navigation equipment and support the restructuring of the aviation sector.
Expected Outputs:
  • Air navigation services equipment replaced,
  • reform in the aviation sector initiated, and
  • Tajikistan State Air restructured.
Date Approved:2001
Expected Completion:2009
Funding Type:Grant
Funding Amount:European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: $5.5 million (Loan)
Shared: $2.0 million (Grant - Japan Fund for Post-Conflict Support, and Japan Europe Cooperation Fund)
Links/Documents:EBRD Project Page