Project Details
Inner Mongolia Highway and Trade Corridor Project
Country:People's Republic of China

The project is composed of four parts:

A. Hailar–Manzhouli Highway

  • Construction and upgrading of about 177 kilometers (km) of Hailar–Manzhouli Highway in Inner Mongolia, the People's Republic of China (PRC);
  • related traffic engineering works;
  • construction of toll facilities;
  • provision of maintenance equipment; and
  • provision of construction supervision technical assistance.

B. Border roads for trade
  • Upgrading and rehabilitation of about 413 km of road sections identified either as key links for international trade facilitation at smaller border crossings with the Russian Federation and Mongolia, or as critical missing links in the highway network in Inner Mongolia.

C. Cargo transfer and trade facilitation program
  • Construction of transfer station housing facilities at Hailar, for transferring cargo between transportation modes (rail and road) and between trucks registered in the PRC and in the Russian Federation, as well as for warehousing; and
  • a diagnostic study on measures to promote cross-border trade between the PRC, Mongolia, and the Russian Federation.

D. Institutional strengthening
  • Provision of training to strengthen the capacity of transport sector agencies and institutions in Inner Mongolia in the areas of trade logistics planning, trade promotion, cargo terminal management, project management, environmental monitoring, and supervision of highway construction.
Expected Outcome:The project will help promote and sustain the development of cross-border trade of the People's Republic of China (PRC) with the eastern part of the Russian Federation and Mongolia, by improving transport infrastructure and logistics in the Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia.
Expected Outputs:
  • Hailar–Manzhouli Highway expanded and improved;
  • cross-border roads for trade upgraded and rehabilitated;
  • transfer station constructed and diagnostic study to promote cross-border trade finished; and
  • institutional capacity of transport sector agencies strengthened.
Date Approved:2005
Expected Completion:2010
Funding Type:Loan
Funding Amount:World Bank: $100 million
Government of the People's Republic of China: $163 million
Links/Documents:World Bank Project Page
Project Completion Report