CAREC Countries
Regional cooperation is transforming landlocked CAREC countries into a land-linked engine of economic growth, creating opportunity and competition across Central Asia and beyond.

The CAREC Countries

Central Asia is on the move. Rapidly rebuilding the ancient transport and trade routes that once connected Eurasia, the region is poised to recapture its place as a center of trade and commerce. Since 2001, more than $29.4 billion of CAREC-related investments have upgraded key regional links, modernized trade infrastructure and systems, and boosted energy supply and cooperation. Rich in natural resources, surrounded by opportunity at the heart of Eurasia, and committed to regional cooperation, the CAREC countries are preparing for a new phase of growth and prosperity.

The 11 CAREC countries are

The region's ability to capitalize on its unique geographical position and connect to global markets will be a defining feature of its future development. The potential is vast. Trade among all the major subregions of the Eurasian continent has more than doubled since 1995. This growing integration is creating real demand for more efficient and reliable transport connections that move people and their businesses around the region faster and cheaper.


CAREC Corridors Map