CAREC is a practical, project-based program that has grown from 6 projects worth $247 million in 2001, to 176 projects worth around $29.4 billion in 2016.

Projects in Azerbaijan

As of 2016, CAREC has mobilized around $5.23 billion for 21 projects involving Azerbaijan. These projects have helped improve transport and energy infrastructure and policies, and have spread the benefits of better connectivity.

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Complete Projects List

Each project entry contains detailed information, including a description, country coverage, priority area or sector, expected outputs and outcomes, approval and expected completion dates, funding type and amount, and related links and documents.

You can view the complete list of funding agencies below.

46 Projects Available
Project TitleSectorsCorridorsFunding AgenciesFunding TypesApproval YearStatus
Railway Sector Development Program TransportNAADBTechnical Assistance2016Ongoing
Third Highway Project, Additional Financing TransportNAWBLoan2016Ongoing
Support to the Development of Red Bridge Border Crossing Point between Azerbaijan and Georgia Trade FacilitationNAEUTechnical Assistance2016Ongoing
Preparing MFF Power Distribution Enhancement Investment Program EnergyNAADBTechnical Assistance2015Ongoing
Third Road Network Development Investment Program TransportNAADBTechnical Assistance2014Ongoing
Better Coordination of Protection of the Land Border between Azerbaijan and Georgia Trade FacilitationNAEU, UNDPTechnical Assistance2014Ongoing
MFF: Second Road Network Development Program, Tranche 2 TransportNAADBLoan2014Ongoing
MFF: Road Network Development Program, Tranche 4 TransportNAADBLoan2014Ongoing
Rail Trade and Transport Facilitation Project (East - West main line), Additional Financing TransportNAWBLoan2013Ongoing
Modernization of Customs Services in Azerbaijan Project Trade FacilitationNAUNDPTechnical Assistance2013Completed
MFF: Second Road Network Development Program, Tranche 1 Transport2ADBLoan2012Ongoing
Second Road Network Development Program TransportNAADBTechnical Assistance2012Completed
Integrating Climate Change Risks into Water and Flood Management by Vulnerable Mountainous Communities in the Greater Caucasus Region MultisectorNAUNDPTechnical Assistance2012Ongoing
Road Network Development Program, Tranche 3 TransportNAADBLoan2011Ongoing
Road Reconstruction and Upgrading Project Transport2EBRDLoan2011Ongoing
Roads Reconstruction and Upgrading Project TransportNAEBRDTechnical Assistance2011Ongoing
Modernization of Customs Services in Azerbaijan Trade FacilitationNAUNDPTechnical Assistance2011Completed
Supporting Integrated Border Management Systems in the South Caucasus Trade FacilitationNAEU, UNDPTechnical Assistance2010Completed
Third Highway Project Transport2WBLoan2010Ongoing
Second Highway Project, Second Additional Financing Transport2WBLoan2009Completed
Power Distribution Development Investment Program EnergyNAADBTechnical Assistance2009Completed
Baku Waste-to-Energy Plant EnergyNAIsDBLoan2009Completed
Preparing the Railways Sector Development Program TransportNAADBTechnical Assistance2008Completed
Power Transmission Enhancement Project EnergyNAADB, AOJSCLoan2008Completed
MFF: Road Network Development Program, Project 2 (Ganja Bypass) TransportNAADBLoan2008Completed
Second Highway Project, First Additional Financing (East-West & North-South Corridors: Alat-Masali and Tagiyev-Sahil) Transport2WBLoan2008Completed
Power Transmission Enhancement Project EnergyNAADBTechnical Assistance2008Completed
Rail Trade and Transport Facilitation Project (East-West main line) Transport2WBLoan2008Ongoing
MFF: Road Network Development Program, Tranche 1 TransportNAADBLoan2007Ongoing
Southern Road Corridor Improvement Project (Supplementary) Trade Facilitation, TransportNAADBTechnical Assistance2006Completed
Modernization of Customs Services in Azerbaijan Project Trade FacilitationNAShared, UNDPTechnical Assistance2006Completed
Second Highway Project Transport2WBLoan2006Completed
East-West Highway Improvement Project Transport2ADB, IsDB, Saudi FundLoan2005Completed
Southern Road Corridor Improvement Project (Alyat-Astara Road) Trade Facilitation, TransportNAADBTechnical Assistance2005Completed
Capacity Building Support to the Ministry of Economic Development to Develop a Competitive Non-oil Sector in Azerbaijan Trade PolicyNAUNDPTechnical Assistance2005Completed
Implementation of the Corporate Plan of the Road Transport Services Department TransportNAEBRDTechnical Assistance2005Completed
Baku to Samur Transport2EBRDLoan2005Ongoing
Transport Sector Development Strategy Trade Facilitation, TransportNAADBTechnical Assistance2005Completed
Shagon-Zigar Road Reconstruction, Phase II Transport2IsDBLoan2005Completed
Yevlax-Ganja Road Rehabilitation Project TransportNAADBTechnical Assistance2004Completed
Silk Road Project Transport2EBRDLoan2004Ongoing
Silk Road (Hajigabul-Kyurdamir Road Section) Transport2EBRDLoan2004Completed
Gazzi Mammed-Kyurdamir Road: Revisions to Designs TransportNAEBRDTechnical Assistance2004Completed
Shagon-Zigar Road Rehabilitation Project Transport2IsDBLoan2003Completed
Capacity Building for Developing Member Countries on the WTO Trading System Trade FacilitationNAADBTechnical Assistance2002Completed
Highway Project Transport2EU-TACIS, WBLoan2001Completed
Funding Agencies
ADB = Asian Development Bank, AOJSC = Azerenergy Open Joint-Stock Company, EBRD = European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EU = European Union, EU-TACIS = European Union-Technical Assistance for the Commonwealth of Independent States, IsDB = Islamic Development Bank, Saudi Fund = Saudi Fund for Development, Shared = Shared, UNDP = United Nations Development Programme, WB = World Bank