Afghanistan is located in the heart of Eurasia, and since time immemorial, has been at the crossroad of cultures, between the People's Republic of China and the Middle East, and between South Asia and Europe. After 25 years of various conflicts, Afghanistan is now in the process of rebuilding physical infrastructures and the economic foundations of the country.

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Economic Outlook

Highlights from the Asian Development Outlook 2014:

Growth decelerated to 3.3% following stellar agriculture and growth performances in 2012. Afghan forces have assumed responsibility for security, and the withdrawal of international troops will be complete by the end of 2014. The decision on retaining a small number of international troops, largely for mentoring and logistical support, has been delayed until after the April presidential election. The outlook is for modest growth until uncertainties are resolved. Read more.

More economic and social indicators for Afghanistan from the World Bank's World Development Indicators online.

Human Development

The United Nations Development Programme's Human Development Report program has prepared a series of reports on Afghanistan.

Partner Institutions and Afghanistan